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April 29th, 2021 Kiton has won the battle and is the new High Sovereign of the Mire. Viné warns him that the lands are cursed, but will Kiton heed the lion's words or just think that they are foolish?

April 26th, 2021 What is this? Kiton Hodari stands against a current High Sovereign Viné Casimir for our first challenge of a standing leader.

April 10th, 2021 As there is a momentary lull in the happenings of Amaryllis, souls from all walks of life are being brought together by an event hosted by Caladan Cove. With the chance to eat, dance, and relax upon the summer shores, it is perhaps a well-deserved break from the chaos of before.

March 28th, 2021 A sandstorm raged across the Scarab Dunes, overruning everything in it's path. As a result, the inhabitants of Andal Oasis were forced out of their homes, leaving the pride disbanded.

March 21st, 2021 A cackle of hyenas moved in and attacked the lions of Wolfbron Bluffs, driving them out and hanging around for a few days before moving on. Wolfbron Bluffs has disbanded. Who will step up to take over the lands left empty?

March 10th, 2021 In a shock turn of events, Scilla Lagoon has disbanded, leaving the coastal pride up for claiming. Two women are quick to find themselves in the ring, vying for the crown, giving the male leaders of the island a run for their money!

February 25th, 2021 With all of the territories discovered and all of the prides claimed by their new rulers, will there finally be a moment of calm within the valley?

February 16th, 2021 At last, the entirety of Amaryllis is revealed! An icy tundra has been shown in the north, and the final prides are ripe for the taking by those who are ambitious and steadfast enough to challenge for them.

February 9th, 2021 Maua sees fit to pull the fog away from Aniadar Jungle and allow Amaryllis' inhabitants to see another wonder that they have made.

February 2nd, 2021 Maua continues to pull the fog back, allowing the inhabitants of Amaryllis access to new territories. In addition, two new prides have finally been revealed -- one in the mountains, and the other within the eastern parts of Amethyst Grove, which is home to the island's natives.

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OOC News

May 7th, 2021 We are ending this week with another news update! It containts some information about leadership requrements, new guidebook formatting, and more, so please take a look and get up to speed!

May 3rd, 2021 Wrapping up another event, please take a look at the winning suggestions for the Trade Task Exp Contest! The new trade tasks have already been added to the Guidebook -- and you'll also notice some new formatting on the Trade page! Enjoy!

May 2nd, 2021 The results of the Advertising Drive are in! Congratulations to Irish and Sylvey for winning, and thank you to everyone who participated!

April 23rd, 2021 Congratulations to March's Character of the Month, Jewel! Also take a look at today's brief site update, which includes a new award and a small change on pride challenges.

April 16th, 2021 Today brings a quick News Update, as well as a call for input on Purchasable BWPs, which we intend to roll-out into the Shop soon. Please take a look and let a Staff member know if you have any questions! Cheers to the weekend!

April 11th, 2021 Round 2 of the Trade Task Exp Contest is up! Make sure to cast your votes on what trade tasks you would like to see added to the Guidebook! Voting ends on April 25th.

April 4th, 2021 Voting for this month's games has officially started, so make sure to check out Who's Who, Pair of the Month, and Character of the Month to make your nominations.

April 2nd, 2021 Happy April! It's news day! Please read this update carefully, as there is a lot of information and it is important!

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Jewel Khulani, CoTM March 2021

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October, Year 5

There is a newfound chill to the air, hinting towards the incoming winter. At last, the summer heat has vanished completely, only to be replaced by cool winds and cloudy skies.

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Obsidian Hollow
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Obsidian Hollow
Deep within the confines of Amaryllis' cave system resides Obsidian Hollow, a place of secrets and meant only for those of iron-will. Decorated with lavatubes and midnight-colored stones, one wrong turn exploring the vast tunnels can leave one perched upon the pride's doorstep, cloaked in darkness and kisses with the company of cold, damp air. Though unknown for anyone outside of the pride, the hollows are also accessible through a hidden passage on the other side of the mountain, tucked on the edge of the Badlands.
Pride NewsLaws
05/05/2021 - Our numbers are about to swell further. Not only do we welcome new members Kyuubi and Weir - a welcome injection of testosterone, to say the least - but we're also about to have four little princes and princesses underfoot! Congratulations are also in order for Zoya, who has been promoted to Lead Scout; watch this space for the rank shuffle that will come with the final round of the tournament, which will be up in the next few days.

29/04/2021 - Turbulent times ahead; Magnus learns of the passing of a trusted ally and friend, and to the North Desdemona finds herself in a troubling predicament....
24/04/2021 - The second round of the pride event is up! Let's kick some ass!

22/04/2021 - The newly crowned Sovereign Nadia welcomes a new member Theodora to the pride, meanwhile Magnus also welcomes in Nadya. And in other exciting news there will be the pitter patter of little feet throughout the caverns as the royal babies have been born here.

18/04/2021 - The Hollows is no longer ruled by one solitary figure - Magnus is joined by his positively glowing fiancé, Nadia, as Sovereign. It will not be long before we hear the pitter patter of little paws within the tunnels. Our numbers grow further as more Sigrún emerge from the woodwork; welcome to Eir and Svana! We have a pride event here - a tournament -
to encourage a rank shuffle, as well as discuss the political shifting in Amaryllis. And, if you're feeling particularly ambitious (and want to get us to Tier 2) the lovely Desdemona is leading our second pride hunt.

11/04/2021 - Our ranks continue to swell; a belated welcome to Sidonie and Valerius are in order. In the wake of Magnus' fight with Gwyn Casimir, Scilla Lagoon are to be treated with caution until things either (miraculously) improve or (probably) get worse. On a lighter note, our friends in the Cove are hosting a party and we are all welcome!

05/04/2021 - It's pride hunt time! This time our quarry has a definite size advantage over us, but we definitely outnumber it! In other news, Magnus and Desdemona visit Wolfbron Bluffs, to seek counsel with its new King Zoticus.

Magnus has certain expectations of his followers; they are simple enough, but crucial. Breaking one of these rules will result in exile, or quite possibly worse.

1) Do not disobey a direct order. He does not speak for the hell of it, and he does not micro-manage, but when it comes to the running of the pride and the goings-on within it Magnus has the final say. However, in that same vein, anyone given the rank of Sovereign or Heir/ess will be almost on a par to him and if any disrespect is given to them then the High Sovereign will more than likely see it as a personal insult.

2) Do not seek to disrupt alliances or pacts without speaking to Magnus first - he will expect any issues to be brought to him before having to deal with an all-out war on his hands. Petty squabbles are one thing, but if it is a problem that could have ramifications beyond personal Magnus will expect to be informed ASAP.

3) Magnus has no problems with claiming per say, but alliances should be taken into consideration. His members will not be expected to act soft in front of others in order to avoid offending anyone, but don't, for example, steal a lioness out from under the nose of the ranked member of an allied pride. That's just foolish. Claimed or stolen members will more than likely get their freedom if they request it from Magnus personally - or his reigning Sovereign/Heir at the time - unless they have personally aggravated one of them. After all, willing followers tend to be a lot more reliable than captives, and Magnus has been around the block enough times to know this. Stealing or otherwise messing with an enemy pride is actively encouraged, but provoking unknowns willy-nilly without any forewarning will more than likely be frowned upon.

4) Any rank can be challenged for, up to the leader tier, but Magnus reserves the right to refuse anyone he does not deem as appropriate. To take on the role of Sovereign or Heir and keep it, you will have to impress the boss - he will not let just anyone rule alongside him. Read into that how you wish.

5) Any sort of unprovoked assault on another pride member will earn a severe punishment; if another pride member has wronged you, speak to Magnus beforehand. Again, he does not micromanage, and is a big believer in fighting your own battles, but forewarning is always nice (he'll need time to prepare the popcorn). Most 'petty crimes' will probably be shrugged off if committed against strangers or enemies - after all, he is not your keeper - but rape, murder of innocents, harming children etc will all earn the ire of Magnus; he's a bit of an asshole but he has a conscience.

Ultimately the rest is common sense, but if in doubt ask me OOCly or have your character ask Magnus!
Leader Ranks
High Sovereign
Magnus Sigrún Male Barbarian Lv.3 || Pathfinder Lv.1
Nadia Sigrún female Sleuth Lv.2 || Pathfinder Lv.0
--- Class
Theodora Sigrún female None
Myrkvi Sigrún Male None
Voluspa Sigrún female Paladin Lv.0 || Ambassador Lv.0
Rasmus Sigrún Male None
Hrefna Sigrún female None
Medium Ranks
Zulema Kivasante female Pathfinder Lv.2 || Sleuth Lv.2
--- M/F Class
--- M/F Class
--- M/F Class
Low Ranks
--- M/F Class
--- M/F Class
Occupational Ranks
Lead Hunter
Desdemona female Ranger Lv.2 || Ambassador Lv.1
Lead Fighter
Morrigan Greyflood female Barbarian Lv.1 || Cleric Lv.1
Lead Medic
Elijah Liron Male Medic Lv.2 || Bard Lv.2
Lead Scout
Zoya Ravinski female Assassin Lv.1 || Sleuth Lv.1
Basic Ranks
Hákon Skagos Nonbinary Pathfinder Lv.1 || Barbarian Lv.0
Maddox Isaias Male Outlaw Lv.0 || Ranger Lv.0
Brigid Sigrún female Sleuth Lv.1 || Barbarian Lv.0
Augustus Killjoy Male Ranger Lv.0 || Pathfinder Lv.0
Eir Sigrún female Ambassador Lv.0 || Assassin Lv.1
Svana Sigrún female Ambassador Lv.0 || Paladin Lv.0
Nadya Nikolov female Sleuth Lv.0 || Barbarian Lv.0
Sidonie Huntington female Medic Lv.1 || Sleuth Lv.1
Weir Amal Male Medic Lv.0 || Nursemaid Lv.0
Kyuubi Kurama Lupai Male N/A
Shahrzad female Outlaw Lv.0 || Cleric Lv.0
--- M/F Class
Pride Relations Pride Statistics
Caladan Cove Caladan Cove - Ally
Scilla Lagoon Scilla Lagoon - Cautious
Andal Oasis Andal Oasis - Unknown
Wolfbron Bluffs Wolfbron Bluffs - Unknown
Vermeda Brook Vermeda Brook - Ally
Firnen Rainforest Firnen Rainforest - Pact
Ecrosia Mire Ecrosia Mire - Unknown
Nonbinary Adults: 16
Nonbinary Yearlings: 1 || 6 :Cubs Nonbinary
Obsidian Hollow Total: 23
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Obsidian Hollow History
Year 5
September y5
TELL IT TO THE MOUNTAIN - Magnus and Desdemona get themselves into a worrying situation in the Tundra....

September y5
STORM CLOUDS - Magnus learns that Kimagure Stagner, High Sovereign of Firnen Rainforest and ally of the Hollows, has died in a hunting accident.

August y5
WATERMELON SUGAR - The royal babies have been born!

August y5
STREET BRAWLERS - Magnus and Morrigan host a tournament to test the battle skills - and the ambition - of the rest of the pride.

August y5
BREAKING BREAD BETWEEN FRIENDS - It's party time! Amidst the growing tensions in Amaryllis, Magnus and the pride attend a feast hosted by Jewel of Caladan Cove.

July y5
ROCK AND A HARD PLACE - Magnus and Desdemona head North to pay a visit to Wolfbron Bluffs.

June y5
POLITICAL PROGRESS - High Sovereign Pistis of Scilla Lagoon pays a visit.

June y5
FAMILY TRADITION - Avdotya returns from her expedition past Maua's Passage with good news for both Magnus and the Hollows.

June y5
ELEGANT POWER - Another royal guest graces our borders; High Sovereign Viné is eager to seek counsel, and an alliance, with Magnus.

June y5
THE BANDIT - Gwyn is unhappy with how Magnus behaved at his wife's challenged. Magnus doesn't care. A brawl ensues; Magnus wins. Just another day at the office!

May y5
NEXT OF KIN - Diuris of Scilla Lagoon vanishes. In the chaos and inevitable pride challenge that follows, Magnus manages to step on some toes and save a life in the space of about ten minutes. Nice one!

May y5
THE WAKING, THE RISING - High Sovereign Nymeria graces the Hollow's borders with gifts; Magnus sees an opportunity to forge another advantageous friendship.

May y5
WE'RE GOOD - Magnus and Zulema travel to Firnen Rainforest, where they meet with High Sovereign Kimagure to discuss relations between the two prides.

April y5
POUR MY SPIRITS IN THINE EAR - Avdotya brings the findings of her expedition East back to the Hollows.

April y5
POCKETS FILLED WITH RIVER SILT - Magnus has dealings with another hopeful seeking respite under his roof; Halimede seems starkly different to him, but that does not rule her out entirely.

April y5
STRENGTH CALLS TO STRENGTH - After rubbing the Hollows High Sovereign up the wrong way, and subsequently ruining any chances of getting the invitation she sought, rogue lioness Viper is put in her place and sent packing.

April y5
ROCKY START - Jewel, High Sovereign of Caladan Cove, is the next to pay Magnus a visit. It remains to be seen whether pleasantries and small talk - both things that the titan struggle with - will pave the way for a more permanent and beneficial arrangement.

April y5
KNOCK KNOCK, ANYONE HOME? - Accompanied by a familiar face to the maneless King, High Sovereign Vasilis of Scilla Lagoon comes calling with the intention of forging positive relations with Obsidian Hollow.

March y5
STARS TO YOUR FIRES - Avdotya Rurik seeks audience with Magnus, and the resulting conversation culminates in her acceptance into the ranks.

March y5
SURRENDER TO THE DRAGONS - In the absence of one previous King, and after successfully fighting off the other, Magnus is victorious in taking the crown and claiming the Hollows as his own.

February y5
FOR THE LOVE OF MY LIFE - Gwyn gets into hot water with the father of an errant child.

January y5
INHERIT THE EARTH - Genya, a rogue pregnant lioness, claims the Hollow. Gwyn Casimir, from an older line of Casimir challenges her and wins.
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