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April 29th, 2021 Kiton has won the battle and is the new High Sovereign of the Mire. Viné warns him that the lands are cursed, but will Kiton heed the lion's words or just think that they are foolish?

April 26th, 2021 What is this? Kiton Hodari stands against a current High Sovereign Viné Casimir for our first challenge of a standing leader.

April 10th, 2021 As there is a momentary lull in the happenings of Amaryllis, souls from all walks of life are being brought together by an event hosted by Caladan Cove. With the chance to eat, dance, and relax upon the summer shores, it is perhaps a well-deserved break from the chaos of before.

March 28th, 2021 A sandstorm raged across the Scarab Dunes, overruning everything in it's path. As a result, the inhabitants of Andal Oasis were forced out of their homes, leaving the pride disbanded.

March 21st, 2021 A cackle of hyenas moved in and attacked the lions of Wolfbron Bluffs, driving them out and hanging around for a few days before moving on. Wolfbron Bluffs has disbanded. Who will step up to take over the lands left empty?

March 10th, 2021 In a shock turn of events, Scilla Lagoon has disbanded, leaving the coastal pride up for claiming. Two women are quick to find themselves in the ring, vying for the crown, giving the male leaders of the island a run for their money!

February 25th, 2021 With all of the territories discovered and all of the prides claimed by their new rulers, will there finally be a moment of calm within the valley?

February 16th, 2021 At last, the entirety of Amaryllis is revealed! An icy tundra has been shown in the north, and the final prides are ripe for the taking by those who are ambitious and steadfast enough to challenge for them.

February 9th, 2021 Maua sees fit to pull the fog away from Aniadar Jungle and allow Amaryllis' inhabitants to see another wonder that they have made.

February 2nd, 2021 Maua continues to pull the fog back, allowing the inhabitants of Amaryllis access to new territories. In addition, two new prides have finally been revealed -- one in the mountains, and the other within the eastern parts of Amethyst Grove, which is home to the island's natives.

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OOC News

May 7th, 2021 We are ending this week with another news update! It containts some information about leadership requrements, new guidebook formatting, and more, so please take a look and get up to speed!

May 3rd, 2021 Wrapping up another event, please take a look at the winning suggestions for the Trade Task Exp Contest! The new trade tasks have already been added to the Guidebook -- and you'll also notice some new formatting on the Trade page! Enjoy!

May 2nd, 2021 The results of the Advertising Drive are in! Congratulations to Irish and Sylvey for winning, and thank you to everyone who participated!

April 23rd, 2021 Congratulations to March's Character of the Month, Jewel! Also take a look at today's brief site update, which includes a new award and a small change on pride challenges.

April 16th, 2021 Today brings a quick News Update, as well as a call for input on Purchasable BWPs, which we intend to roll-out into the Shop soon. Please take a look and let a Staff member know if you have any questions! Cheers to the weekend!

April 11th, 2021 Round 2 of the Trade Task Exp Contest is up! Make sure to cast your votes on what trade tasks you would like to see added to the Guidebook! Voting ends on April 25th.

April 4th, 2021 Voting for this month's games has officially started, so make sure to check out Who's Who, Pair of the Month, and Character of the Month to make your nominations.

April 2nd, 2021 Happy April! It's news day! Please read this update carefully, as there is a lot of information and it is important!

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Jewel Khulani, CoTM March 2021

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October, Year 5

There is a newfound chill to the air, hinting towards the incoming winter. At last, the summer heat has vanished completely, only to be replaced by cool winds and cloudy skies.

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Ecrosia Mire
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Ecrosia Mire
Dark and gloomy waters characterize the bulk of Ecrosia Mire, where the air is thick and the earth is slathered in heavy layers of muck and mud. The trees overhead prevent much, if any, daylight from peaking through, and instead serve to veil the pride in a blanket of thin, yet constant, fog. Mazes of low-hanging branches and shallow water mean that the winding trails can be difficult for even the most seasoned of residents, bolstered only by the dense thickets and thorn-bushes that guard the outskirts of the swamp.
Pride NewsLaws
New! MAY 6 - Still adjusting to his new role as a leader, Kiton has made a couple of select appearances at Maua's Passage to gauge the possibility of recruiting. Some recruits may have just shown up at his front door in the form of his own step-grandmother and her family, in search of a home and certainly not expecting to be greeted by a familiar face.

Old... APR 30 - Kiton has quickly secured a victory as High Sovereign of the mire! He has instructed everyone to leave now that the fight is done, but invites anyone who wants to stay under his reign to find him and have a discussion. He plans on beginning diplomatic duties as soon as he can get his bearings as leader, but the approach of his long-lost brother is forcing him to deal with some things sooner rather than later.
* feel free to assume that members know the rules, as this is expected of them

1. Loyalty to the pride is demanded in return for the benefits a pride lion receives, and to betray the group is grounds for banishment or maiming, depending on severity.
2. Food and resources are to be split evenly, and anything you use should be immediately replenished. To take without giving back is considered betrayal.
3. Knowledge about the pride is privileged information and should not be spoken about around any lions of another group, or those who are rogues. Dishonesty around others to protect the Mire's information is even encouraged.
4. While recruiting of strong members is great for the pride, representatives are expected to do their due diligence in questioning any potential members to understand what threats their membership may pose. Anyone joining the pride should be bringing a helpful attribute with them, and Ecrosia is not interested in members who cannot help the pride.
5. Different alignments and cultures are welcome within the Mire. However, to join the pride is to agree to help other members and contribute to the whole. Anyone found assaulting or abusing will be dealt with harshly and will lose their protection under the pride.
6. Those who hold ranks are expected to be willing to fight in times of war. Any rank can be challenged for outside of filled leader positions, though challenging to take someone's position while times of war are going on would be seen as selfish and not permitted.
7. Allies should be treated courteously but with caution. Anyone else should be kept at an arm's length without creating unnecessary conflict.
8. Do not claim anyone who does not want to be claimed unless we are actively at war.

Leader Ranks
High Sovereign
Kiton Hodari Male Ambassador Lv.1 || Paladin Lv.0
--- M/F Class
--- M/F Class
--- M/F Class
--- M/F Class
--- M/F Class
Medium Ranks
--- M/F Class
--- M/F Class
--- M/F Class
--- M/F Class
Low Ranks
--- M/F Class
--- M/F Class
Occupational Ranks
Lead Hunter
--- M/F Class
Lead Fighter
--- M/F Class
Lead Medic
--- M/F Class
Lead Scout
--- M/F Class
Basic Ranks
Aarani female Cleric Lv.0 || Medic Lv.1
--- M/F Class
--- M/F Class
--- M/F Class
--- M/F Class
--- M/F Class
Pride Relations Pride Statistics

Obsidian Hollow Obsidian Hollow - Unknown
Caladan Cove Caladan Cove - Unknown
Scilla Lagoon Scilla Lagoon - Unknown
Andal Oasis Andal Oasis - Unknown
Wolfbron Bluffs Wolfbron Bluffs - Unknown
Vermeda Brook Vermeda Brook - Unknown
Firnen Rainforest Firnen Rainforest - Unknown

Nonbinary Adults: 2
Nonbinary Yearlings: 0 || 0 :Cubs Nonbinary
Ecrosia Mire Total: 2
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Ecrosia Mire History
Year 5
September Y5
? there's wolves in the house
Kiton Hodari, a stranger to the pride, arrived at the borders and issued a challenge for the pride, unaware that this was the first pride challenge to ever be made in the land. As such, it drew a large crowd of lions wishing to see the results of the encounter. Viné arrived to defend his throne but quickly fell due to a broken leg, citing a curse as the reason he lost and warning Kiton that he had inherited doomed territory. Having assumed his family dead for years, he was shocked when his own brother emerged from the crowd to congratulate him.

August Y5
Scilla Lagoon As Promised, What Hurts the Most
Viné has not forgotten the loss of a potential member by the hands of two intruding females. One remains untouchable while the other was an unknown. Until now. Through shear luck Vin&233; has run into Aarani whom had become pride-less. It might not be the original female he had wanted, but it is a female none the less. Meanwhile, Vine makes good on his promise to visit the Lagoon pride and his looming meeting with Pistis. Surprise, Surprise, she is no longer the sovereign of the land and the title has gone to Viné's cousin Gywn. This is both good and ... questionable news.

July Y5
Silence Broken, Once upon a Dream
Viné makes several forays to the border border in hopes to grow his pride and is met with both rescues and failure. Beryl is a strangely enthusiastic new member to the Mire and the first to be claimed officially to the pride. Though, he has not forgotten the one that got away and the two woman that facilitated her escape.

June Y5
Andal Oasis Black Sun, Wolfbron Bluffs Blind Assessment Vermeda Brook Every Eventuality - Vine has met with the other leaders of the valley that had not come to him in the mire. Their reactions to Casimir law is as always, met with mixed results. Hopefully Viné made more allies then enemies this time around.

May Y5
Firnen Rainforest Risen Crown Caladan Cove Mud Bath Scilla Lagoon Pain Behind Blue eyes - Leaders from neighboring prides have come to the mire to gauge for themselves what Casimir Law might mean. Viné does not care much what they think, beyond wishing they'd come all at once rather then one at a time, his throat is dry.

April Y5
Ecrosia Mire Quasar - Viné has finally stumbled into an area that caught his eye and decided to claim it in his name. He is quickly set upon by a male by the name of Skarde who challenged him for the right to lead. Viné is victorious, but the battle is bloody. How long will this reign last?
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