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August 2nd, 2022 After working hard to calm the lands, Maua has gifted the island with two new pride territories that are safe to call home. It doesn't take long for Violarum to disband Firnen Rainforest in favour of claiming Lorien Plains, thereby leaving the jungle open for a new ruler. Maia and Aidoneus quickly move into battle to see who will lead Firnen Rainforest next, while Morrigan longs for something similar to her homeland and heads to Illyria Summit to stake her claim. Will there finally be an era of calm after so much distruction?

July 30th, 2022 The reigning leaders have managed to maintain control of their prides against their would-be usurpers, and it seems as though Maua is working on calming the disasters brought on by the influx of odd weather. What will come next has yet to be determined, including whether or not the lions of Amaryllis will be able to handle another shift in the lands.

July 15th, 2022 While the lands of Amaryllis are still stuggling with weather anomalies and strange phenomenas, some have seen it as a perfect time to try to uproot some longstanding leaders. Leander had challenged Amara for the Bluffs, Vaghan had challenged Roan for the Hollows, and Ryker has challenged Seneca for the Oasis. Will these kings and queens maintain control, or will an influx of new leadership be another thing for the lions of Amaryllis to contend with?

July 1st, 2022 Though it started as a slow and unassuming shift in the air, it soon becomes apparent that something is terribly, terribly wrong within the lands of Amaryllis. Weather anomalies and strange phenomena have begun materializing across the territories, infecting the pride lands and sending the valley into a state of flux and confusion. Who is to say how long it will go on for, or what the reason for such chaos is?

June 6th, 2022 The prides continue to remain in a state of flux as Alizabeth challenges Walpurgis for Scilla Lagoon and the consequences of the war start to become clear.

May 15th, 2022 Seneca is challenged by Violarum for the crown, though manages to remain the leader of Andal Oasis. Not long after, another fight rings out across the island as Cassandra challenges Alaric for Ecrosia Mire. This spirals into a violent clash between the Rike and Sigrún, who are long-time enemies, and leads to a death match between Saga and Erna as war breaks out around them.

April 24th, 2022 As the mist cleared, acidic rainstorms moved in over the rainforest and flooded the lands. The lions of the Rainforest were forced to leave but now the cooler temps have moved the storms out and the lands are open for claiming.

April 15th, 2022 With a few more weeks having gone by, the mist has finally relinquished its hold on the lands of Amaryllis, dissappearing back to wherever it had first come from. As a result, all of the lost lions, who had been so cruelly taken by the mist, are now free - but will things ever truly be the same as they once were?

April 4th, 2022 For a few days now, the mist has started to seem as though it is lifting, with some areas thinning out and hinting that the end may be near. And while some lost lions have miraculously turned up as a result of this, others remain entrenched within the mist, their whereabout unknown and their kin still searching for their safe return. In addition, amongst the chaos, Walpurgis has succeeded in obtaining the crown of Scilla Lagoon, beginning what could be a new era for the coastal pride.

March 29th, 2022 Searches for missing lions prove fruitful for some and not for others. Strange animals are arriving from within the mist and meeting lions for the first time. A strong wave of the mist covered the Lagoon and drove out all the members leaving the once-thriving pride lands ghostly empty.

March 15th, 2022 The mist seems to have developed quite the appetite, as the volume of disappearances becomes clear and the fog overtakes the once-territory of the Lightstone outlaw band, forcing its members to disperse. These realizations have prompted search parties to begin scouring the valley in pursuit of their missing kin, hoping to find them and get them home in one piece.

March 1st, 2022 The shift in the air is noticeable and strong, signalling the arrival of something that is coming their way, and fast. What started out as a normal morning quickly transcended into confusion, as rolling clouds of mist begin to overtake Amaryllis, consuming all in its path and causing the disappearance of lions all across the land. What is going on?

February 17th, 2022 The challenges for Firnen Rainforest, Wolfbron Bluffs, and Vermeda Brook all conclude, with two of the three maintaining their previous rulers while the other faces a regime change. How will the inhabitants of the rainforest take to this usurper? And what will become of Saga Sigrun, who has now killed not one, but two members of the Rike family?

February 8th, 2022 Úlla stands as the winner of the Cove but it seems that her victory is the start in a string of chaos. The rainforest, bluffs, and the brook have all been challenged for. If any pay attention, in the early mornings the haze seems to linger a little bit longer, what could this mean?

February 7th, 2022 Roan remains the leader of the Hollows, and Saga succeeds in killing Eulalia. The recent rains also caused a rock slide in the Cove, and the lions living there were forced to flee to keep from being crushed. While the pride stands empty, Úlla and Keir step-up to fight their way to claiming the sandy territory.

January 29th, 2022 In a sudden shifting of the tides, both a pride challenge and a death match have spurred within the grounds of Obsidian Hollow. Roan and Alaric battle for the throne while Saga and Eulalia fight for their lives, bringing the surmounting tensions between the Sigrun and Rike families to an all-time high.

January 23rd, 2022 The politics and dynamics of the land are shifting following the creation of Amaryllis' first three outlaw bands - Lightstone, Galloway Crew, and Niflheim. It is still too soon to tell what the breadth of their impact will be, but it is evident that change is afoot.

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OOC News

August 1st, 2022 We had an incredible last month with the rollout of our BWP, and loved seeing everyone participte and get involved! The BWP is over now, but we have also released a mini site update to iron out a few things - including the introduction of a new PVP level and our two new trades!

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April 24th, 2022 Firnen Rainforest has disbanded. It will be open for claiming through our lotto system.

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♔ until lambs become lions
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(1/2) +5 Observe a fight
(1/2) +5 Attend a spar or challenge to assess the wounds

The call for an ally’s home was what spring Valkravn into action. She had been doing a little bit of in-house cleaning with her medical corner when it bellowed out, and although it were faint she still caught wind of it and it caused for her move move at breakneck speed. They never seemed to cease nor take a break, that swamp pride, and she would be damned if they thought the ally’s of the Hollows pride would sit back and watch without taking action.

When Valkravn arrived she would already spot Aquila in his own fight, the Viking’s body slipping into a defensive posture as she stalked forward. Her ears would pin against her skull, tail hanging limp between rear legs and her shoulders rolling as she moved onward. She would note several Brook members, watching them carefully as she then spotted @Morrigan ♔ standing aside @Avaneira ♔. “Ready for round two?” Tone of voice would be half bemused and half serious as she spoke to both of them, lavender gaze finally settling onto Roan and the one who fought. She was ready to spring into action to defend, and even if she lost again she would make damn sure whoever was on the receiving end of tooth and claw that they would have scars to remember her by.
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//+5 Leave a trail of confusing tracks
//+5 Witness drama between prides

Jerrik walked very close to her mothers, but in his mind he wanted to do something more than sitting down and boringly watch the fight. The cub walks into the pride lands, eyes of green lurking through the cavernous rooms, and into those who had come to watch. He spotted his mothers among a group of strangers, so he didnt want to be there. But as he eyes more lions he spots the cub he played with not long ago. @Leonie accompanied by no one.

Slowly he approaches, but without a straight forward trail. Leaving confusing trails, just for fun. He takes a seat by her side without asking for permission, he didnt need it.

"Hi." He greets shortly as he watches the drama between the prides. Specially Ecrosia Mire and The Hollows/The Brook.
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she is perhaps later than she'd initially liked, but she supposed arriving late was better than never actually arriving in the first place. gentle eyes scan the border to obsidian carefully as her paws slow down to a halt. her tail sways in the breeze behind her as a myriad of fights break out. the first she sees is between two lions, presumably the high sovereign of the pride and the man who wanted to take it away from him. the second fight she sees is more alarming as @Aquila ♔ is locked in battle with another lioness. her brows furrow as she descends and quietly takes a seat within the crowd. maua, protect aquila from harm. shine light upon him... she whispers, her ears flicking forward and backward as she waited with anticipation.
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The call came from a part of the land that she hadn’t really explored- hell she hadn’t even realized a pride lived here. The scent though, struck her as slightly familiar- the scent of the lioness who had attacked her during the war. Huh, so this pride had somehow been involved too? She made her way down to watch the fight unfold between the Mire male who had been at the fire. Idly, she stands behind the crowds, her tail flicking low at her heels as she watches before she would move to come take a seat in the crowd to watch and see what she could learn about this group- and to see who would emerge the victor.
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code & bg-credit
A second disagreement soon broke out on the sidelines and Tai, annoyed by the warmongering Mire lions, wrinkled his nose. The more and more he saw of the swamp pride, the more and more he wished to see them eradicated like the vermin they had proven to be. He was too young yet to do help, but maybe someday …

He noted movement in the corner of his eye, but the silhouette was dark and he assumed Bakarea had finally joined them. The voice, however, most certainly did not belong to his brother, and the realization of who was there, taunting him, caused him to snap his head around and bare his teeth at his rival: @Bruno.

“Get OUT— !” he hissed in warning, teeny claws coming out. Tai remembered the way Bruno had beaten him that day on the beach, and now he wanted to come and taunt him while his dad was dealing with an invader. It was too much for the young eagle, whose minty eyes misted over under the stress of it all. “Get out, or— or— or I’ll— !

Suddenly, he was moving. The mauve prince, with ears flattened and eyes narrowed in an angry glare, tried turning his body around so he could face the swamp rat head-on. He attempted to lift his right paw and, with claws unsheathed, tried to outright slap Bruno across his left cheek for even thinking he could show his stupid, UGLY face here at the Hollow.

@Tai vs. @Bruno
Dominance, again!
Rolling 3d20: 2 + 19 + 5

Rolling 1d20: 12

Rolling 5d20: 18 + 19 + 17 + 4 + 1
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+10 Cast a curse or blessing on a character/group

@Gareth soon came to join her, and she offered him a smile. Good to see ye, she said. Her baby boy also came with her (not that he was so much a baby anymore but hey, she would always think of him as such) and settled at her side. If ye have any questions, just ask. I be happy to tell ye... aaaand dere dey go, she commented as a fight broke out on the sidelines between Aquila and one of the lions from the Mire. So far it seemed like that was the only one, but she fully expected there would be more.

If I be pulled into dis, go sit with de white furred lady with the cubs over dere, Heloise said to @Ansel, gesturing to Faelyn with a paw. She knew she was of the Hollow and surely wouldn't mind having another child to keep an eye on. Though maybe she would considering one of her kids had just smacked another one. But I try not to get pulled in, she concluded.

She saw Ophelia watching the maim bout and whispering something, and guessed she might know what. Spirits, Maua, watch over Aquila and keep him safe. Lend him your strength as well. Bless him with the power to defend himself from his attacker, she said, adding her voice to the other woman's.
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What had the boy expected, really? Somehow he was surprised as Tai whipped around with pure rage written on his features when Bruno had only thought he would be met by words coated with a salty crisp. He straightened, startled, his eyes widening slightly as Tai commanded him to get out or else.

"Tail screwed on too t––" Before he could get out the taunt, Tai's clawed mitt came swinging in a proper smack across his left cheek. Bruno winced as he felt the slices there well with blood, stumbling backward slightly and instinctively spreading his limbs to carry him more sturdily. His eyes welled with a stinging sensation and he could not help but see a flash of his father's face in the back of his mind. No doubt he would be watching. This – whatever this was with Tai – would no longer be his private secret.

"I didn't do anything!" He retorted with bewilderment, flexing his own claws so they gripped against the flat stone below. Finally working up to twisting his own expression into a snarl, Bruno attempted to close the remaining space between them with his jaws parted to try and snap a bite squarely upon the bridge of Tai's muzzle. He lifted his left paw, attempting to wrap it around the back of his opponent's neck with his needle-claws pricked in a graceless embrace.

Bruno vs. @Tai
for dominance
Round 1 / 3
Rolling 2d20: 9 + 1

Rolling 2d20: 2 + 17

Rolling 5d20: 7 + 3 + 9 + 18 + 12
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She was quickly joined, Tobin settling himself not far away as a buffer between them and the strangers who came to watch. Not that all were strangers. She was pleased to see the members from the Brook who also came, knowing they were allies. @Jai also came over to her, and she attempted to brush her tail against him reassuringly.

Then Roan charged past her and her heart seized to have to watch him fight once more. It never got any easier.

Luckily, distraction came a moment later in the form of @Cassandra ♔ approaching her, and she forced a little smile on her features. Thank you, she said just as softly in return. I expect that is where Roan would want to go as well should he fall here. I am Faelyn Vandiir-Hodari, sovereign here. Roan's mate. And these are our children, Jai and Alvena, she concluded just as quietly, speaking solely to Cassandra though no doubt her little ones were close enough to hear as well.

I wish all the Mire lions weren't here, she said in more of a normal tone, though still quiet. She knew why they were, but tensions were already high without their whole pride coming to watch.

@Avana's presence was only at her side for a moment, and Faelyn was quick to know she wasn't the only one who wasn't pleased with their presence. The sovereign reached out with a paw and scooped Avana's bundle of herbs closer to her to keep them safe as the Lead Hunter went over to give one of the Mire lions a piece of her mind. She presumed he was the sovereign.

Hero, Olvir, and Tai joined Jai and then the only one of her children not present was Bakarea, which she confirmed with a quick glance around. Perhaps he had chosen to stay behind in the den, or perhaps he was just somewhere she couldn't quite see him. And then of course her attention was drawn by the fight erupting between Aquila and one of the lions from the Mire. Well, that was only a matter of time, she commented dryly. I think she bit off more than she can chew there. Aquila was far from an unskilled fighter, after all.

@Marja was there, the woman she had met in the labyrinth, and despite herself Faelyn couldn't help the amused smile that crossed her features. If Roan won this battle (when Roan won this battle) she decided she would ask the lioness if she wanted to live here.

A little voice piped up nearby and she turned to look in time to see @Tai and a cub from the Mire get into a tussle. She gasped in surprise, her tail lashing behind her in mild irritation. Children, stop that! she ordered. Good heavens, had all this chaos filtered down to their little ones as well? That hardly seemed necessary. She wasn't going to go stick a paw in there to try to split them up though. She sighed softly in resignation, realizing she probably ought to let them work it out between themselves. Who was she to tell them they shouldn't fight? It didn't look terribly serious, after all.

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The blueberry amazonian arrived at the unfamiliar territory of the hollow. Finding her way to the throng of lions, Slaine had arrived to observe the match as she had many others. But the challenger is familiar to her and causes the warrior to pause in her step, casting her sapphire gaze across the crowd and seeing tension brewing between her pride and others. Who could blame them? She half thinks. Foolish men like Vaghan who care nothing for the mess they leave behind.
However as battle lines are threatened to be drawn, Slaine will always find herself on one particular side. The muscular woman weaved her way through the mass of gathered felines and found her place near to @Alaric ♔. Pale chin lifted as the speckled woman offered him a nod of her continued allegiance. Ready to fight for him, as always.
Her tail lashes as she sees her golden comrade @Myra steeped in battle with the male that had broken her own leg in the war. Slaine cannot say that she disliked the man, even after all that. He had, after all, let her go to drag herself back to her cubs. But war left little room for too much sentiment, she found. Though as her gaze strayed back to her King, she wondered if her love for him would eventually kill her. A price she perhaps was not against paying.
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Weird. His paw made contact with Bruno’s dumb face with such force that the swamp rat stumbled back, yet the sense of accomplishment that Tai had expected to feel in that moment was nowhere to be found. He was not proud of what he’d done, only frustrated that Bruno had managed to provoke him. He absolutely hated him for it.

“I didn't do anything!” @Bruno argued, but Tai could do little more than huff at him, his eyes teary and his tail snapping low across the ground. Dumb Bruno. Did he really not realize everything he had done to him — the way he had cut his cheek and embarrassed him on the beach, how he had LITERALLY taunted him a moment ago while his dad took on the invader? The one that shared the same stink as him and the rest of the swamp rats?

It was only natural that when he pushed, Bruno shoved — so it came as no surprise when the Mire boy retaliated. He was answered with a snarl in return, one that deepened when his teeth snapped down on the top of his muzzle and punctured the thin skin that covered it. Tai hissed out and tried to yank his head back, yet the scratching claws on the back of his neck left him little room to retreat.

The tears in his eyes doubled as he glared down both their snouts to meet Bruno’s darker green gaze. He heard his mom yelling at them, but made no indication that her voice had ever reached him. Instead, he only shouted at Bruno, “I said GET OUT!” Tai then attempted to reach with his right paw, aiming to jam it into Bruno’s left armpit while the limb was outstretched, to try and push his rival back (and, of course, to scratch him in the process). In the same motion, he tried to curl his head forward and down, seeking to strike Bruno’s front teeth with his forehead.

@Tai vs. @Bruno
Dominance, again!
Rolling 3d20: 17 + 7 + 12

Rolling 1d20: 1
Crit Fail

Rolling 5d20: 18 + 13 + 9 + 8 + 6
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