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IC News

February 11, 2024The Mire has fallen from the Stärke family and is now held by Luther Rike. The change has stirred but the fighting nature of those on the island. The Brook finds a new leader with Icefang and Isla takes over the Lagoon after a storm pushes out the old leader. Reti finds himself the leader of the Hollows after Alexander is hurt. The Oasis finds a new leader in Léonie who is soon tested by Harou.

January 8, 2024 The snow has finally begun to melt anew, which means that the world is slowly returning to the much-anticipated summer season. With the various holiday activities and the other jests put on by Nafasi also coming to a close, it is safe to say that winter is finally over.

December 5th, 2023 Nafasi had pulled a cruel trick and has sent Amaryllis back into a renewed winter season! But it's not all bad, because the lands will also see a handful of holiday-themed events popping up as a result. To make things more interesting, a wayward trio of travlers have also arrived and are facilitating a mass competition between the prides, bands, and rogues -- formally dubbed the Amaryllis Winter Games.

December 2nd, 2023 The spring air brings forth a number of pride challenges. A familiar challenger for the Cove and the Oasis arrive to try to earn what they want. The new leader of the Lagoon is tested in battle as well. What changes will come from the challenges? Who will remain standing and who will find their world turned upside down?

November 27th, 2023 In a challenge between mother and daughter, the leadership of Wolfbron Bluff changes for the first time in 5 IC years.

November 22nd, 2023 Two death matches, one resurrection, and an almost-war later, the lands find themselves in a constant state of turmoil and calamity. Families have been torn apart and endless blood has been spilt; but how is it all going to end?

November 3rd, 2023 The lands stir violently as a death match rages on between Aeistrios Saxe and Morrigan Greyflood. Observers spill into the pit in droves to witness what will no doubt be a historic battle -- and it is clear that this familial fued is far from over, no matter who wins and who dies.

October 12th, 2023 With winter comes the surge of more pride challenges; Ludivine challenges Ryker for Firnen Rainforest and is victorious in her endeavors, meanwhile an outcropping of maims breaks out on the sidelines. In a shocking turn of events Luther returns to challenge Bruno for Ecrosia Mire, will the former heir prove victorious or has Bruno got what it takes to keep his brother's ambitions at bay? This has undoubtedly shaken things up as Bruno declares war against Andal Oasis and Allies in the process!

September 26th, 2023 A series of pride challenges spark up across the peninsula, while warring families face-off as tensions reach their boiling points. Anthonius Savante barely manages to escape the clutches of Apollinaire Dieudonne with his life, while death looms over the broken truce between the Valour-Greyflood and Saxe families.

September 4th, 2023 After Tinúviel collapsed at the Wolfbron Bluff's challenge, she was unable to make it back to the Lagoon to take up her leadership position again and the pride disbands. Diomedeidae & Cirilla fight for the pride.

August 28th, 2023 Both Amara and Morrigan keep their prides. Lachesis doesn't show to defend the Brook and Renfri takes over. The Wolfbron Bluffs challenge seems to be setting off fireworks already.

August 15th, 2023 The two longest standing female leaders are both fighting for their prides once again. Anthonius challenges Amara for the Bluffs. Amaroq challenges Morrigan for the Summit. A new leader faces his first challenge as Renfri challenges Lachesis for the Brook. Did anyone think that peace was something the island was able to have?

August 1st, 2023 Conflict, drama, love, and loss - the lands are never free from any of it for more than a fleeting moment. As the summer months wane on and the season nears its end, there is no telling what is coming next upon the horizon.

June 19th, 2023 With the rains leaving and spring upon the island, things are heating up among the lions. Bruno seeks to unseat his father in the Mire. Helah looks to dethrone Scorpius in the Oasis and keep the fire between the Bluffs and the Oasis alive. The Plains have raided the Brook and allies on both sides showed up to help.

May 23rd, 2023 All is fair in love and war - moments of chaos and peace lull in a cyclical nature across the lands of Amaryllis, though most are wise enough to know that the quiet never lasts quite long enough.

April 20th, 2023 Alexander manages to win the Hollows and Tiamat keeps the Lagoon. Vághan challenges Amara for the Bluffs but Amara is able to hold off another challenger and keeps the Bluffs. The Cove was hit by a storm that washed away it's leader leaving the lands open to be claimed by Nephthys and Keligan who both are attached to the land. Cirilla attempts to take the Oasis from Scorpius who seems driven to keep the land.

April 5th, 2023 It doesn't take long for the dust to kick up as the Hollows is challenged for by Alexander once again and the Lagoon is challenged for by Fernweh.

March 31st, 2023 As wars and challenges continue to break out across the lands, Amaryllis is certainly keeping up with its turbulent reputation. One can only hope that the dust will settle soon enough - for everyone's sake.

March 10th, 2023 The turbulance of the prides never ceases for very long, as a violent landslide forces the members of Firnen Rainforest to evacuate and disband. Who will step up for the throne this time around?

March 1st, 2023 While Gauthier manages to retain control of Caladan Cove, Lorien Plains' fate is not so simple. With Aeistrios overthrowing Violarum and taking the pride's throne, how will things unravel from here?

February 20th, 2023 Even though the last batch of pride challenges did not succeed in shifting most of the political tides in Amaryllis, it did not deter ambitious souls from seeking out thrones of their own. The fates of both Lorien Plains and Caladan Cove now hang in the balance, stirring further unrest as a result.

January 25th, 2023 It seems that the island wasn't ready for new leaders to take over right away as Vermier keeps ahold of the Hollows and Cassandra keeps the Brook in the family. The steadiness doesn't last long as a blistering sand storm rolls through the Oasis, leaving it empty until Ronin and Scorpius take up battle to see who will claim the lands.

January 16th, 2023 After battling for their prides, all current leaders remain with their crowns. Amara successfully wins a challenge for the Bluffs for the third time. Morrigan wins her first battle after a year of leading the Summit, the relations between the Mire and Summit seem to have splintered as war breaks out. Ryker battles a familiar face in Leander for the Oasis and manages to keep his crown and denies a family the ability to get back to it. Alexander battles Vermier for the Hollows, a move that causes Ryker to drop his attachements to Alexander's family.

January 9th, 2023 After peace seemed to settle over the island the warm air and lifting of the rains brings out the challenges for prides. The Lagoon gains new leaders. The Oasis leader, Ryker fights to keep his pride from Leander. Amara, the oldest leader in the island once again fights to keep the Bluffs, this time against Arkyn. While Cassandra fights against Aeistrios to keep the Brook in the paws of family and friends.

December 19th, 2022 In a bold move, Amara of Wolfbron Bluffs has taken King Alizabeth prisoner after she was attacked by some mammoths. This has left Scilla Lagoon empty of it's leader once again.

December 16th, 2022 Spring works it's way to the island and with the coming of warmer weather it seems that the island has calmed and for the moment allowed things to settle.

November 29th, 2022 The winter season has proven to be brutal and unforgiving as the weather pushes the lions of Scilla Lagoon from their home, once again leaving the pride vulnerable for claiming. This time, Ronin is looking for the opportunity to rule, though he is quickly countered by Alizabeth, who is hoping to reclaim what was once her's.

November 11th, 2022 After Alizabeth left the Lagoon to find her cub and ended up falling ill, the pride has found itself at the center of another challenge and war. Prometheus and Recluse fought to see who would lead Scilla Lagoon, with Recluse reigning victorious, while the lions of Wolfbron Bluffs extend their reach with Vermier as the new High Sovereign of Obsidian Hollows. With so many changes to the leaders of Amaryllis, what is ahead for the island?

November 8th, 2022 "When will this end?" you may ask yourself as you are thrust in between worlds once more. This time, however, you are not simply floating in the nothingness or above the land you call home. No. It is snippets of visions that pay now before you as if you're there. As if it isn't just a memory of a time long gone. Their piercing eyes gaze at you. You are taken aback out of fear or maybe awe. Somehow you know deep within your heart the identity of this loner: Kivuli. When you awake, the memory of the fury in their gaze remains burned within your mind.

October 22nd, 2022 An earthquake has resulted in parts of Obsidian Hollow to fall in, trapping Roan in the process as he sought to evacuate the others. In the aftermath, Vermier and Revna waste no time moving in to make their claim for the newly vacant territory.

October 17th, 2022 It is happening again - you are thrust into this in-between of worlds, the tendrils of mist swirling before you like hungry serpents. You can almost feel them tickle your sides and wrap around your ankles -- "I am Kivuli," the strange chorus of voices responds firmly, their fury brimming at the tip of their words. It is powerful and intense, like a titanous wave about to crash and leave everything in ruin. "... and I will take back what is mine." What is coming for the island? Will there be enough support to keep Maua as the stronger deity or will Kivuli take over?

October 8th, 2022 A rumble is felt on the eastern side of the island, prompting violent waves to crash into the lands of Caladan Cove and driving out the lions that once lived there. Days pass before the ocean calms and settles once again, but the lions that were once there are now gone, and the pridelands are open for a new ruler.

October 7th, 2022 Alizabeth remains the leader of Scilla Lagoon whilst Seneca loses his battle to Ryker for Andal Oasis. Will the outcome of these battles shape how the island works together in the coming days? With new leaders also taking over Lorien Plains (Ghyslaine) and Vermeda Brook (Cassandra), things could be on edge once again.

October 1st, 2022 Something takes hold of those living on the island - - shared vision or dream that seems to shake the core of what they have come to know. Accompanied with a strange voice within their minds, those who came to Amaryllis long ago, guided by Maua's voice, will feel a pagne of familiarity. Only this time, the voice is different and chilling. What is coming?

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Crunchy leaves, rain, and cool nights are on the rise as Amaryllis descends into the fall season. The cold is beginning to creep in from the nothern territories, whistling through the trees and mountains along the way, but, in time, will encapsulate the entire peninsula.

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Illyria Summit
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The winds howl wildly through the mountains of Ilere's Freeze, the air crisp and tight as it hangs heavy with an unrelenting sense of frigidity. However, despite the bitter temperatures and the unforgiving nature of the landscape, Illyria Summit stands strong amongst the snow-coated peaks, its territory sitting high above the valley, well-protected by the jagged rockfaces that surround it. It is not a place for the faint of heart, with winding, precarious trails and the never-ending presence of winter - and yet, somehow, they endure.


February 12th Illyria and its allies have waged war on Luther Rike and his Mire kingdom, with his father intending the end the issue once and for all by calling for the pale King's head.

February 4th A lot of changes a foot! Zahra has brought information to the leaders and interested parties that Luther now has Ecrosia as well as has imprisoned many of its women and children. Talisa has gone to several allies to enlist their help; and Isla has secured the Lagoon leaving them with another ally!

January 18th Amongst the second winter, with the Miroslav-Casales family moving out (and the site break), our numbers have dwindled drastically! While the Summit is not aggressively in the habit of recruiting randoms off of the Passage, if you intend to do so please try and get a good read on their alignment and who they are as an individual before breaking them in. Aside from that, keep your eyes out and yourself on alert — there is another danger knocking upon the Summit's doors.

January 8th Returning from the break, it looks like we're near the end credits for the stupid mule and the Summit is relatively quiet thanks to the disappearance of one very prevalent monster. Looks like Arkyn's brother, Arminius, is here to deliver some news to Isla on his brother's behalf??

December 13th A little birdie has spoken of the leaving of one annoying purple lion. Will peace finally return to the Summit?

December 3rd The Summit remains in a state of subdued peace even as challenges ring out across the valley, but winter's grip doesn't seem to be loosening quite the way it should.

November 20th Aside from the chaos that came from the surprising death match between Aesitrios and his wife Renfri, all has been well in the Summit. But what's that I hear about two Miroslavs speaking about Aeistrios?

November 7th Talisa and Kireena said NOT TODAY DEATH, and even though she lost Morrigan is still in the fight? Party time anyone?

October 26th We all knew it was temporary but the peace was nice while it lasted, right? As the new month dawns, the storm breaks and Morrigan and Aeistrios finally meet in the Pit for a battle to the death.

October 18th The Halloween event brings spooky season to the Summit, including pumpkin shenanigans and visiting lost family.

October 4th The pride meeting can now be exited as elsewhere kingdoms rise and fall, including the Brook as it returns to the paws of the Valour. It's proving to be a chaotic winter already.

September 17th The second round of the pride meeting is now posted as the leaders call for celebration all around... after laying down a few ground rules.

September 8th Morrigan has called a mandatory pride meeting so please make sure you get your members in!

September 3rd Beware of cubs, there are many! Lots of new little feets escaping their dens in the Summit.

August 23rd Our fierce Mountain Queen has defended our home once again! Yay Morrigan, you bad bitch you!!

August 17th The lover of Morrigan's late sister has issued a challenge for Illyria, so be sure you are there to help protect your pride members if it is needed!

August 12th It appears there is a challenge for our neighbors potentially on the way (WB) by one of the Hollow's members so let's keep our eye on that! Make sure to get into the hunt, LOTS of ranks are empty and available!!

August 1st Violarum has retaken the crown of Lorien from Aeistrios, while the Scillan Queen Tinúviel arrives to share some grave news regarding her former counterpart. Elsewhere, a Wolfbron loyalist has defeated Scorpius, leading to refugees from Andal arriving on our borders.

Leader Ranks

High Sovereign



Gender: nb
Master: none
Level: none
Sub: none
Level: none

High Ranks

Medium Ranks

Occupational Ranks

Lead Hunter

Gender: nb
Master: none
Level: none
Sub: none
Level: none
Lead Fighter

Gender: nb
Master: none
Level: none
Sub: none
Level: none
Lead Medic

Gender: nb
Master: none
Level: none
Sub: none
Level: none
Lead Scout

Gender: nb
Master: none
Level: none
Sub: none
Level: none
Lead Advisor

Gender: nb
Master: none
Level: none
Sub: none
Level: none
Lead Storyteller

Low Ranks


Gender: nb
Master: none
Level: none
Sub: none
Level: none
Gender: nb
Master: none
Level: none
Sub: none
Level: none



  1. The High Sovereign, Sovereign, and Heir/ess are equal in all but title. The High Sovereign will fight to defend the crown unless incapacitated, in which case the Sovereign may fight.
  2. In matters of inheritance; the Sovereign will inherit first, followed by the Heir/ess.
  3. The Summit is ruled by the leadership tier but major decisions would not be made without consulting the rest of the pride beforehand. They are more of a figurehead, and should be treated the same as other members.
  4. Abandoning an ally in a time of need outside of mortal peril will be met with great disdain and likely result in banishment from the Summit.
  5. As far as wars go, all enemies are fair game. Do as ye wilt, but remember, the best defense is a good offense.
  6. Ranks are expected to fight in war should the need arise and will thereby be expected to defend their ranks. Any of these ranks may be challenged for except leadership or occupational tiers (Lead Fighter is the exception to this and may be challenged).
  7. Confirmed allies are welcome to come and go as they please, neutral trespassers should be stopped with caution and questioned, while enemies may be attacked on sight if posing any threat at all.
  8. Be considerate when recruiting. The Summit wants loyalty and strength over numbers. If an enemy stakes a claim while recruiting, fight for the claimed subject’s right to choose. Otherwise, Illyria is a place of freedom and no claims should be made on anyone except in the case of warfare or welfare and lionesses will not be kept against their will.
  9. Prisoners of Illyria are not to be physically mistreated. Individual prisoner allowances and punishments are decided by the High Sovereign and the Sovereign. They can be assumed to have no rights within the pride unless given ICly by the leaders.
  10. Challenging for the Illyrian throne is met with an automatic declaration of war against anyone supporting the challenger or trespassing on Summit territory at the time of the challenge.

Pride Relations

Obsidian Hollow Obsidian Hollow - Ally
Caladan Cove Caladan Cove - Ally
Scilla Lagoon Scilla Lagoon - Ally
Andal Oasis Andal Oasis - Unknown
Wolfbron Bluffs Wolfbron Bluffs - Pact
Vermeda Brook Vermeda Brook - Unknown
Firnen Rainforest Firnen Rainforest - Unknown
Ecrosia Mire Ecrosia Mire - Unknown
Lorien Plains Lorien Plains - Unknown

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Illyria Summit History Year 11

October Y11

Illyria Summit Andal Oasis I WILL CARVE MY WAY OUT, WITH ONLY MY TEETH — Unfortunately, someone has set out to claim the Oasis territory out of Leonie's paws only weeks into having begun to lead it. While the Summit would seek to harbor the family in times of healing and comfort, the leaders of said Summit know that the likelihood that the sand cat will choose to live in the snow once again is minimal. But we will wish them the best and hope for a speedy recovery so that they may once again rise to be the Andal leaders they are.

September Y11

Illyria Summit BREAK THE CHAINS THAT BIND YOU — The Summit and its allies make good on their promises to try and break free the prisoners still trapped in Ecrosia under the new Rike King's reign.

August Y11

Illyria Summit NOT TO ALARM YOU BUT... — Despite having lost once before, Luther Rike steps up to the Ecrosian plate once more and downs his darkly coated brother and secures the crown for himself. In lieu, he takes many of the Ecrosian's prisoner (including parts of his own blood) and Zahra has come back to deliver this news. That alone means that danger is brewing and it is not shy.

July Y11

Illyria Summit LOOK WHAT I FOUND — Looks like a few of our lost and scattered Hodari have come back to the Summit! No more search parties and we can direct all incoming Hodari-searching individuals to the returnees! What's this? Have they brought new Hodari's with them as well?!

June Y11

Illyria Summit MOM, THERE'S A DONKEY ON THE LOOSE — One can always count on something weird happening in Amaryllis. Some of us are familiar with the mammoths that come once a year, some are aware of the yule logs bearing gifts but what no one expected was a mule that simply does not yield. Everyone's trying to throw a punch but can we ever defeat it? Can anyone?

May Y11

Illyria Summit Wolfbron Bluffs FIRE AND ICE — Scorpius pays a visit to the Summit, both to inform them of Aeistrios' leaving as well as his victory over the Oasis. An alliance is surely to come from this, right?

April Y11

Illyria Summit Wolfbron Bluffs SLOW DANCING WITH A SILHOUTTE — Two strongheaded women are becoming friends, a duo that many more than likely never thought would. Talks of handing over a Saxe cub that is currently a prisoner at Wolfbron are happening; what will become of it? How will the Summit's High Sovereign react if the deal goes through?

March Y11

Illyria Summit Andal Oasis I LOVE YOU, GOODBYE — Trouble at home, it looks like, for Aeistrios and Renfri, the ruling pair of Andal. Following the Death Match (fatal pleasure), Renfri looks to do what Morrigan could not and challenges Aeistrios to yet another death match. Though, it appears that she could not overcome his strength either and bends (literally) to his grip. Isla takes on as many of the Oasis' children as she can, children screaming and crying and cowering as though they aren't part of the problem. You alright, Isla?

February Y11

Illyria SummitVermeda BrookEcrosia MireLorien PlainsFirnen RainforestObsidian HollowCaladan Cove Andal OasisWolfbron BluffsRogue FATAL PLEASURE —The fragile peace is shattered with a call from the Pit, a public demand for the Summit Queen's head from the Saxe King himself, a battle which Morrigan is all to eager to finally enjoy.

January Y11

Vermeda BrookIllyria Summit UNBOUND LOVE —The veil across Amaryllis thins, allowing the would-be prince lost before his time to discover the Summit his parents built the foundations for.

Illyria Summit History Year 10

December Y10

Vermeda BrookIllyria Summit QUEEN OF KINGS — After successfully regaining her lost crown, Cassandra visits the Summit and her mothers once again reaffirming the ties between the Brook and Illyria.

November Y10

RogueIllyria Summit FUEL THE PYRE OF YOUR ENEMIES — Morrigan calls a meeting to both lay down the law regarding her death pact and offer a celebration for the pride on their victories and resilience through the two years, a bit of revelry before the winter truly sets in.

October Y10

Wolfbron BluffsIllyria Summit WORSE THAN A ROGUE STATE — Wolfbron and Illyria's young royalty clash once more, this time with Radhan facing off against Faustine at the edge of the sea... and the prince losing an eye in the aftermath. I sense a meeting of the parents in their future.

September Y10

RogueIllyria Summit WE ALL HAVE A HUNGER — Amaroq, the lover of Morrigan's late sister Avaneira, has come to challenge for the Summit. Tensions will for sure rise from this outcome.

August Y10

RogueIllyria SummitVermeda Brook LOST BUT NOW I'M FOUND — Cassandra finds her way to Illyria, explaining where and why she had vanished. The once Queen and the Summit's High Queen and Heiress discuss future plans on how to take back the native pride.

RogueIllyria Summit WANT TO BE NOBODY — With Scorpius losing the Oasis crown, both he and several others (including Sedona and Léonie) are brought to the Summit's doorstep seeking for refuge.

July Y10

RogueLorien Plains GOLD LOOKS BETTER ON ME — Lorien is challenged for once more by a previous ruler. Will this bring future conflict for the pride if Aeistrios is beat?

June Y10

Illyria SummitCaladan Cove THIS NEW DESTINY — Kvare Tolkien Tollaire arrives on the Summit's borders with news that might give some hope to that fallen neutrality pact with the Cove after all.

Illyria SummitCaladan Cove ONLY THE DEAD HAVE SEEN THE END OF WAR — Morrigan and Aeistrios have a midnight meeting to discuss the exchange of their respective prisoners of war.

May Y10

Illyria SummitWolfbron BluffsLorien Plains WILD AND HOLY IN ME — Two of Illyria's youngest royalty venture beyond the safety net of the Summit and Brook and find enemies waiting on the other side. A Lorien man fails to steal the Prince, so sets his eyes on Princess Lavender instead.

Illyria SummitVermeda BrookLorien PlainsFirnen RainforestCaladan Cove MIDNIGHT PLEASURES — Lorien Plains launches a raid against the Brook, assisted by Firnen and Caladan, making for very short-lived neutrality pacts with both.

April Y10

Illyria SummitCaladan Cove TWO VOIDS DON'T MAKE A LIGHT — The Summit leadership visits the Cove to find out where the two prides stand with other now that a new King rules Caladan and Morrigan has discovered one of her half brothers still among his ranks.

Illyria SummitObsidian Hollow FIND STRENGTH IN FRIENDS — Aquila has taken leadership of Vermeda once more after Cassandra was injured and Myrkvi having gone missing swimming. Archaic decides to make a trip to the Summit's long-standing ally to ensure that it stays in place.

March Y10

Illyria SummitObsidian Hollow THE GODS RULE US STILL — Morrigan and Isla travel to Obsidian to see who now rules the underground pride, only to be delightfully surprised when the stench of a certain someone was no longer around. Will the two prides become allies or will they find differences that would oppose it, even when the Summit Heiress and the Hollows King are becoming friendly?

February Y10

Illyria SummitVermeda BrookRogueFirnen RainforestWolfbron Bluffs TURNED PAW — Mirime has found herself lost on her way back to the Summit after leaving the Lagoon and Fernweh. Isla has come to rescue her cousin, but will any of the lions representing their own pride dispute her claim?

January Y10

Illyria SummitVermeda Brook BETTER LATE THAN NEVER — What is this? Morrigan actually wasn't hallucinating and actually did see Farrow at the Vermeda challenge? Looks like their daughter has brought him to their border but it appears that something is wrong... will Farrow regain his memories after being presumed dead for so long? Or will his memories be lost into the void and the pair of women forced to recreate memories or make new ones?

Illyria SummitVermeda BrookLorien PlainsIT WAS A QUIET EVE — Jafar comes to Morrigan with important information he had learned while spying on Lorien members, telling the High Sovereign that the Plains pride has declared war on her daughter's own pride.

Illyria Summit History Year 9

December Y9

Wolfbron Bluffs ( IN COMPANY OF KILLERS ) — It appears that our neighbors to the west are experiencing a late entry into the pride challenge madness. A rogue comes to the borders and demands Amara come and defend her crown and throne. Will this come to yet another war? And who will come out victorious? Will Amara keep her very warm seat or will the Rogue make history by unseating her? Stay tuned!

November Y9

RogueScilla LagoonIllyria SummitEcrosia MireAndal Oasis EAGER FOR LOVE, LACKING OF WORTH — With the aftermath of the challenge for the Summit that ended with the banishment of Fernweh by the Heiress, she has decided to try her hand at requiring a pride of her own and has made Scilla Lagoon her option.

Illyria Summit YOU WILL KNOW GLORY WHEN YOU REACH IT — The time has come for the Taligandr cubs to enter the chaotic world! Maua knows we all need a bit of a distraction for everything that has been going on lately.

RogueVermeda BrookIllyria SummitObsidian Hollow I'VE ONLY FELT RELIGION WHEN I'VE LIED WITH YOU — A challenge has been brought to Vermeda's doorstop once more, this time a somewhat familiar face issuing it: the late Avaneira's love, Amaroq. How will this be taken by her family?

October Y9

RogueIllyria SummitVermeda BrookAndal OasisEcrosia Mire CALL HIS WRATH — Rainer Rike makes a bold move by challenging for the Summit, and it is only a matter of time before the challenge escalates into an all out war - which surprise surprise, did not take long! After Morrigan comes out victorious yet again, András seems to have finally decided which side he is really on by attacking Morrigan and initiating a major maim against the Queen.

Illyria SummitVermeda BrookLorien PlainsObsidian HollowRogueEcrosia Mire BANISH ME TO EXILE — With the return of Voluspa brings fighting for her freedom from our allies against the new King of Lorien himself and one of his members. It also starts round 2,454 of Morrigan vs. Vermier, Morrigan fighting for the return of Zahra. And let's not forget how Alaric's son and Heir Luther is trying to steal Vermeda's own Sovereign. Luckily, Jafar steps in to fight for her, and the fight becomes 2 vs. 2 with Myra joining Luther and the Oasis' Heir, Scorpius, joining Jafar.

September Y9

Illyria Summit BOB AND WEAVE — Isla is hosting a defense training event in the aftermath of the Summit's first true war while tensions continue to rise in the valley around them.

August Y9

RogueCaladan Cove Illyria SummitAndal OasisWolfbron Bluffs KILL THE KING AND THRONE THE QUEEN — Cirilla challenging for Caladan brings a mix of emotions, as well as starting yet another war between Illyria, Andal and allies against Caladan, Wolfbron and allies.

Andal OasisIllyria Summit SALTY SINS — Ronin travels to the Summit to deliver some very important and time sensitive news: Ghyslaine is being held captive in Scilla. Isla comes to meet his call with Roarke joining as silent watchdog, and the Andal King fills her in of his plans of attempting to free her. Whether it will work or not will be found out soon enough.

July Y9

Illyria Summit IT DON'T FEEL RIGHT WHEN IT'S LATE AT NIGHT (AND IT'S JUST ME AND MY DREAMS) — Nero issues a challenge for the other spot of Gentry. When nobody shows to contest his claim, Isla steps up to test his strength, and as the victor he happily receives his new role in the pride.
Illyria Summit afterglow — With Fernweh stepping down from Heiress to tend to her newborns, Isla rises up to the challenge but with no one to show, Morrigan decides that for her daughter's new rank she is to test Roarke's capabilities.

June Y9

Illyria Summit Ecrosia Mire icy empire — After months of anticipating a challenge, an Ecrosian had come knocking for the attention of Morrigan in an attempt to challenge her icy throne. While the challenge was expected after so long a time unchallenged, it was the inevitable war between the north and the south that truly broke out over the Pit.

May Y9

Illyria Summit iron & frost — Fernweh, who is happily pregnant after a whirlwind romance and eager to share the news, brings her new husband home to the Summit. Except the man in question is András Rike. Whoops.

April Y9

Illyria SummitEcrosia MireAndal OasisRogue moonlit sojourner ` — A rogue woman is met at Maua's passage by one of the Mire's young princes and the boy attempts to claim her, but the Summit's new heiress steps in to defend her freedom, ultimately leading to a larger fight between three prides.

March Y9

Illyria Summit time to feast (holiday hunt event 2) — A mammoth is discovered uncomfortably close to the Summit's territory, drawing both ally and enemy together, several of them unsurprisingly Illyrian, to attempt bringing it down.

February Y9

Illyria Summit herbology 101 — Archaic Black holds a class on basic healing, something which the Summit's high sovereign is long overdue for. The Queen also attends as well as one of their sons. Good timing too as wars seems to breaking out frequently again.

January Y9

Rogue Illyria Summit mountain of curiosity — Despite having a solid beginning acquaintance-ship with Morrigan, a curious Sherlock comes to the borders. While everything should have gone smoothly, Talisa does not take to being talked down to despite the fact that she and Morrigan lead as equals. Clearly something was lost in translation, no?

Illyria Summit History Year 8

December Y8

Obsidian HollowWolfbron BluffsVermeda Brook OPEN CLAIM FOR OBSIDIAN HOLLOW — Part of the Hollows caves in, trapping some of the members, including Roan himself, and forcing the others to free. This leads to Revna Sigrún fighting against Vermier Dieudonné for the Hodari's long-held throne while leaving the spectators to worry over the former inhabitants.

Scilla LagoonRogueWolfbron BluffsVermeda Brook CLAIM FOR SCILLA LAGOON — Things don't seem to be going well for the Summit's prospective allies as Alizabeth falls from her position of King of the Lagoon due to an illness and searching for her child. Wolfbron continues to rear its ambitious head as one of its lions stake a claim against a man formerly of the Cove. Like the breaking of a storm, war is unexpectedly sparked between Vermeda and the Bluffs.

November Y8

Caladan Cove RogueWolfbron Bluffs CLAIM FOR CALADAN COVE — Once again the victim of nature's wroth, the Cove is washed away by a tidal storm, leaving it empty and up for grabs. Will it be the potential ally in Seraphiel who wins, returning to his old home, or the man from the Bluffs who becomes the next Caladan King...

October Y8

Illyria SummitVermeda Brook WINTER IS COMING — A strange vision takes hold over the lands of Amaryllis, potentially revealing a previously unknown second deity as well as revealing a taste of what the Mist had been for those lost in it. This sends the Summit leadership's eldest son and daughter coming from the Brook to Illyria for both comfort and answers from their cleric mothers.

September Y8

Illyria SummitLorien Plains HEROES OF LEGEND — Morrigan finally meets a representative of the other new pride in Amaryllis, but it comes in the form of Ghyslaine, one of Alaric's allies. Exhausted by her grief, however, Morrigan is willing to reach out an olive branch. Good thing, too, since Ghyslaine is already friends with her friends!

August Y8

Illyria SummitRogue THE SUNDERING — It is not war that brings the next funerals to the Summit as they feared. Instead it is mother nature who with one fell swoop cleaves the lives of some of the nearest and dearest to the Illyria's ruling pair. Morrigan can only watch helplessly from below as one of the Peak's edges collapse between the trio, carrying them all down to their deaths.

July Y8

Illyria SummitRogue ICEBORNE — Heavily pregnant and dreading the inevitable birth of Illyria's first royalty, Morrigan ventures alone out on the Freeze after being too uncomfortable to sleep, only to be caught out by Halvar Rike. Recognizing each other, a bloodbath quickly ensues, resulting in the birth of Illyria's first Summit borne cubs.

June Y8

Illyria SummitVermeda BrookObsidian HollowAndal OasisRogue I AM IRON, I FORGE MYSELF — Morrigan Greyflood is drawn to the snowy mountain peak by the sound of shifting earth, a last remnant of the gods ire it seemed. Finding an inhabitable territory in a previously impassible part of the lands, Morrigan claims it for herself and her wife under the belief it is fate and Maua's will to return her to a home like her birthplace.

Illyria SummitWolfbron Bluffs THE KING IS DEAD, LONG LIVE THE QUEEN — Morrigan visits the Bluffs alone with the intention of better understanding an enemy she knows little of and the discussion between the two mountain queens takes a few interesting turns.

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