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May 24, 2024 Rulers continue to shift, family strife ensues, and, per usual, tensions seems taunt and always lingering on the horizon.

April 24, 2024 Things are rocky within Amaryllis as the Dieudonne clash result in three deaths and forces a shift in the rulership of Firnen Rainforest. With Caladan Cove freshly overturned as well, what will the consequenecss of these events be?

March 30, 2024 The lull has ended as a long standing family, the Dieudonné, launch death matches against their own. The Plains sees a challenge from a new comer, Aphrodite, and the quite pride is pushed into the spotlight.

March 19, 2024 A momentary lull has overtaken the lands of Amaryllis as its inhabitants attempt to find their footing and rebuild after a string of challenges. How long it will last, however, nobody can be quite sure.

February 11, 2024 The Mire has fallen from the Stärke family and is now held by Luther Rike. The change has stirred but the fighting nature of those on the island. The Brook finds a new leader with Icefang and Isla takes over the Lagoon after a storm pushes out the old leader. Reti finds himself the leader of the Hollows after Alexander is hurt. The Oasis finds a new leader in Léonie who is soon tested by Harou.

January 8, 2024 The snow has finally begun to melt anew, which means that the world is slowly returning to the much-anticipated summer season. With the various holiday activities and the other jests put on by Nafasi also coming to a close, it is safe to say that winter is finally over.

December 5th, 2023 Nafasi had pulled a cruel trick and has sent Amaryllis back into a renewed winter season! But it's not all bad, because the lands will also see a handful of holiday-themed events popping up as a result. To make things more interesting, a wayward trio of travlers have also arrived and are facilitating a mass competition between the prides, bands, and rogues -- formally dubbed the Amaryllis Winter Games.

December 2nd, 2023 The spring air brings forth a number of pride challenges. A familiar challenger for the Cove and the Oasis arrive to try to earn what they want. The new leader of the Lagoon is tested in battle as well. What changes will come from the challenges? Who will remain standing and who will find their world turned upside down?

November 27th, 2023 In a challenge between mother and daughter, the leadership of Wolfbron Bluff changes for the first time in 5 IC years.

November 22nd, 2023 Two death matches, one resurrection, and an almost-war later, the lands find themselves in a constant state of turmoil and calamity. Families have been torn apart and endless blood has been spilt; but how is it all going to end?

November 3rd, 2023 The lands stir violently as a death match rages on between Aeistrios Saxe and Morrigan Greyflood. Observers spill into the pit in droves to witness what will no doubt be a historic battle -- and it is clear that this familial fued is far from over, no matter who wins and who dies.

October 12th, 2023 With winter comes the surge of more pride challenges; Ludivine challenges Ryker for Firnen Rainforest and is victorious in her endeavors, meanwhile an outcropping of maims breaks out on the sidelines. In a shocking turn of events Luther returns to challenge Bruno for Ecrosia Mire, will the former heir prove victorious or has Bruno got what it takes to keep his brother's ambitions at bay? This has undoubtedly shaken things up as Bruno declares war against Andal Oasis and Allies in the process!

September 26th, 2023 A series of pride challenges spark up across the peninsula, while warring families face-off as tensions reach their boiling points. Anthonius Savante barely manages to escape the clutches of Apollinaire Dieudonne with his life, while death looms over the broken truce between the Valour-Greyflood and Saxe families.

September 4th, 2023 After Tinúviel collapsed at the Wolfbron Bluff's challenge, she was unable to make it back to the Lagoon to take up her leadership position again and the pride disbands. Diomedeidae & Cirilla fight for the pride.

August 28th, 2023 Both Amara and Morrigan keep their prides. Lachesis doesn't show to defend the Brook and Renfri takes over. The Wolfbron Bluffs challenge seems to be setting off fireworks already.

August 15th, 2023 The two longest standing female leaders are both fighting for their prides once again. Anthonius challenges Amara for the Bluffs. Amaroq challenges Morrigan for the Summit. A new leader faces his first challenge as Renfri challenges Lachesis for the Brook. Did anyone think that peace was something the island was able to have?

August 1st, 2023 Conflict, drama, love, and loss - the lands are never free from any of it for more than a fleeting moment. As the summer months wane on and the season nears its end, there is no telling what is coming next upon the horizon.

June 19th, 2023 With the rains leaving and spring upon the island, things are heating up among the lions. Bruno seeks to unseat his father in the Mire. Helah looks to dethrone Scorpius in the Oasis and keep the fire between the Bluffs and the Oasis alive. The Plains have raided the Brook and allies on both sides showed up to help.

May 23rd, 2023 All is fair in love and war - moments of chaos and peace lull in a cyclical nature across the lands of Amaryllis, though most are wise enough to know that the quiet never lasts quite long enough.

April 20th, 2023 Alexander manages to win the Hollows and Tiamat keeps the Lagoon. Vághan challenges Amara for the Bluffs but Amara is able to hold off another challenger and keeps the Bluffs. The Cove was hit by a storm that washed away it's leader leaving the lands open to be claimed by Nephthys and Keligan who both are attached to the land. Cirilla attempts to take the Oasis from Scorpius who seems driven to keep the land.

April 5th, 2023 It doesn't take long for the dust to kick up as the Hollows is challenged for by Alexander once again and the Lagoon is challenged for by Fernweh.

March 31st, 2023 As wars and challenges continue to break out across the lands, Amaryllis is certainly keeping up with its turbulent reputation. One can only hope that the dust will settle soon enough - for everyone's sake.

March 10th, 2023 The turbulance of the prides never ceases for very long, as a violent landslide forces the members of Firnen Rainforest to evacuate and disband. Who will step up for the throne this time around?

March 1st, 2023 While Gauthier manages to retain control of Caladan Cove, Lorien Plains' fate is not so simple. With Aeistrios overthrowing Violarum and taking the pride's throne, how will things unravel from here?

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July Y12
Summer is in full swing now, with clear skies, warm nights, and ample sunshine! As such, the deserts begin to grow dry, the shores remain a blissful escape, the north is spared with cooling winds, and humidity continues to rise in the jungle. Rain and storms are long forgotten troubles by now, which is both a virtue and a vice during the heat of the season.

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Firnen Rainforest
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Secluded within the shadows of the jungle, Firnen Rainforest has planted its roots. The canopy overhead remains thick here, trapping a good amount of heat and humidity close to the earth's surface - but thankfully, open pockets in the trees are perfect for providing some relief, as well as opportunities for lounging and sunbathing. Waterfalls are common throughout the rainforest, with refreshing pools at their base for fishing and providing life to the rich, lush vegetation that thrives within the pride's land.


June 13 — With the unveiling of sisters' deaths, the pride moves forward to cope with grief by what means they seek fit - mostly, by anger. Arkyn and Nyaxia find themselves in a brawl with Vermedans during a challenge for AO, Gauthier impatiently awaits his demands for Wolfbron, and his children are sent to endeavor the hunt for their namesake.

May 30 — A pride meeting is called in the simmering quiet following the pride challenge. The efforts to rebuild morale (and perhaps something more) begin as alliances are pursued and plans endeavored.
May 16 — Astarte has challenged for gentry amid the rising tensions while Gauthier ventures to reaffirm the alliances Ludivine had sought before her untimely end, starting with the Scilla Lagoon.
May 1 — Things are heating up in the Rainforest after a long dryspell of quiet. Consequences of the event in WB begin to spill into the mundane peace, brewing dangerous potentials for the future of the prides' short alliance. Lucifer returns to reclaim his father's crown, increasing tension for the Dantanian family after Ryker's sacrifice.
April 18 — While things are quiet around the Rainforest, its members awaiting the return of Ludivine and Léontine from their bloody venture to Wolfbron, an elephant has come to join with promises of aiding the lions in bringing plentiful prey with the deception of safety.
March 30 — The Firnen queen and lead fighter have both been betrayed by their Wolfbron allies, and a family feud has broken out in the form of not one but two death matches! Regardless of outcome of the individual fights, what will be the fallout from this bloody family reunion?
March 21 — Talks between Vermeda Brook's and Scilla Lagoon's High Sovereigns has begun, and the pride might gain itself two valuable allies very soon. Only one caveat: the two prides are not exactly allies themselves! Could this spell trouble?
March 8 — With the growth of the royal children and the harshness of winter soon to set its teeth on the serenity of the rainforest, training the younglings to utilize their skills in the pride has begun.
February 24 — Things are relatively quiet around the pride still, with a few rogues showing up to join, including the family of the latest noble, Arkyn!
February 13 — In a surprise turn of events ex-King Ryker has given up his life in return for his family's safety. The Firnen Queen heads to Wolfbron to let them and his family know about the agreement.
February 2 — A familiar face has finally shown himself on the borders, but surprisingly doesn't seem to be challenging for the pride like expected. What could Ryker possibly want with the Queen, after she put a 'kill on sight' target on his head?

Important Threads

Pride Meeting — haunted by ill angels only
June Hunt — an unraveled thread

Leader Ranks

High Sovereign


Gender: nb
Master: none
Level: none
Sub: none
Level: none

Gender: nb
Master: none
Level: none
Sub: none
Level: none

High Ranks

Medium Ranks

Occupational Ranks

Lead Hunter

Gender: nb
Master: none
Level: none
Sub: none
Level: none

Gender: f
Master: none
Level: none
Sub: none
Level: none
Gender: f
Master: none
Level: none
Sub: none
Level: none
Lead Fighter

Gender: f
Master: none
Level: none
Sub: none
Level: none

Gender: f
Master: none
Level: none
Sub: none
Level: none
Gender: f
Master: none
Level: none
Sub: none
Level: none
Lead Medic


Gender: f
Master: none
Level: none
Sub: none
Level: none
Gender: f
Master: none
Level: none
Sub: none
Level: none
Lead Scout

Gender: f
Master: none
Level: none
Sub: none
Level: none

Gender: f
Master: none
Level: none
Sub: none
Level: none
Gender: f
Master: none
Level: none
Sub: none
Level: none
Lead Advisor

Gender: f
Master: none
Level: none
Sub: none
Level: none

Gender: f
Master: none
Level: none
Sub: none
Level: none
Gender: f
Master: none
Level: none
Sub: none
Level: none
Lead Storyteller

Gender: f
Master: none
Level: none
Sub: none
Level: none

Gender: f
Master: none
Level: none
Sub: none
Level: none
Gender: f
Master: none
Level: none
Sub: none
Level: none

Low Ranks


Gender: nb
Master: none
Level: none
Sub: none
Level: none
Gender: nb
Master: none
Level: none
Sub: none
Level: none



  1. Talk shit, get hit.
  2. Respect for the High Sovereign, who holds ultimate authority in the pride, is required at all times. Both the Sovereign and the Heiress are also to be respected and obeyed; as such, these ranks cannot be challenged for.
  3. Pridemates and allies are to be treated with respect. Outside of this, anything else is fair game. Just don't bring trouble back to the pride with you.
  4. Enemies of the pride and trespassers are to be treated with open hostility. Rewards will be given to those that prove their loyalty to the pride and the High Sovereign through acts of violence. Always go for the hardest hits when possible.
  5. Claims and lioness challenges, while not encouraged, are allowed. They should be reserved for those that would be good additions to the pride, rather than dead weight.
  6. It's recommended for those in the pride wanting cubs to ask their leaders for permission first, lest said children become a snack instead.
  7. With the High Sovereign's permission, the Sovereign can take their place during a pride challenge should a reason arise for it.
  8. Prisoners have no rights in the pride unless placed directly as a ward of a ranked pridemate. They are expected to remain confined to the pride territory; those that wander may face brutal and violent consequences.
  9. During a war, any member of the pride is allowed to challenge the opposing side to take prisoners. However, anyone that is successful in their challenge will therefore be responsible for their new prisoner.
  10. This is a pride built upon blood, sweat, and death. The leaders aren't here to play a game of politics; they want to make a name for Firnen, in any way possible. Strength and intelligence are greatly prized, and those that work hard to prove their loyalty will be greatly rewarded in turn. Take and do as you wish, so long as it doesn't conflict with the pride rules.
All members will be expected to know these rules upon joining

Pride Relations

Obsidian Hollow Obsidian Hollow - Unknown
Caladan Cove Caladan Cove - Unknown
Scilla Lagoon Scilla Lagoon - Ally
Andal Oasis Andal Oasis - Unknown
Wolfbron Bluffs Wolfbron Bluffs - Cautious
Vermeda Brook Vermeda Brook - Unknown
Ecrosia Mire Ecrosia Mire - Unknown
Illyria Summit Illyria Summit - Unknown
Lorien Plains Lorien Plains - Unknown

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Firnen Rainforest History Year 12

June Y12

Firnen Rainforest FISH IN A BIRDCAGE — Directed to complete a hunt for the acquisition of their rightful names, the Ludiertine children happen upon a misfortunate Wither resting in the Scorched Wilds.
Andal OasisFirnen RainforestVermeda Brook JUST LIKE HOME — While spectating the pride challenge for Andal Oasis Nyaxia is attacked a second time by a cub from the Brook, her retaliation drawing violent attention from Queen Icefang and her subject Nikandr, as well as the support of Arkyn.

May Y12

Firnen Rainforest HAUNTED BY ILL ANGELS — A pride meeting is called following the torrent of recent events, of which the newly declared High Sovereign does not appear entirely pleased.

April Y12

Firnen RainforestScilla Lagoon BODY SUFFERS AFTER THE FLESH — Gauthier treks to the Scilla Lagoon in pursuit of confirming the state of their alliance, whether it is the effort to fortify what was begun or investigate if it has dissolved after the death of Ludivine.

March Y12

Firnen RainforestRogue SPIT THE BONES FROM YOUR TEETH — A call rings from the borders for a pride challenge from Lucifer, but it is not Ludivine who answers. Gauthier meets this challenge enraged, and the safety of the Dantanians is ambiguous once more.
Firnen Rainforest IF YOU WANT BLOOD — Levana arrives with news of the tragic and conflictive events in Wolfbron, telling a tale of chaos and senseless bloodshed in place of celebration. What will the new High Sovereign of Firnen make of this news?

February Y12

Firnen Rainforest A LONG TOOTH — Everick arrives at the borders of the Rainforest with proof of success of the quest given to him by Gauthier, earning himself a place in their ranks should he choose.

January Y12

Firnen Rainforest ROULETTE — The Sovereign, Gauthier Devorre, stumbles across a stranger who introduces himself as Étienne Dieudonné. This wayward family members seems eager to meet his new Martriarch.
Firnen Rainforest HOME IS WHERE THE LOBSTER IS — Even though the pride has hunted full grown elephants in the past, a young calf has suddenly wandered across the borders, looking to... Join?

Firnen Rainforest History Year 11

December Y11

Firnen Rainforest CARBON DATING — A young Taraji challenges for a place as Barony, but her inexperience is called into question by the answering Lead Fighter Léontine.

November Y11

Firnen Rainforest SEVENTH CIRCLE PARADISE — Gauthier takes the royal cubs out to begin honing their individual skills, as well as educating them on the duties of maintaining their pride. How quickly could it devolve into chaos?

October Y11

Firnen RainforestWolfbron Bluffs A MARTYR'S DEATH — After Ryker Dantanian gives up his life to protect his family, Ludivine Dieudonné heads to Wolfbron Bluffs to let the rest of her kin know about the new protection extended to his family.

September Y11

Firnen Rainforest BRAVED THE FORESTS, BRAVED THE STONE — Ryker Dantanian, the previous ruler of the rainforest before Ludivine Dieudonné took over, suddenly shows up on the borders. His presence has been expected for a long time, but for some reason instead of challenging to take the pride back, he's shown up to have a conversation with the Queen. What could he possibly want, especially after being granted a 'kill on sight' target by the very lioness he wishes to speak to?

August Y11

Firnen Rainforest NO SUN IN MY OWN SUMMER — Gauthier Devorre calls a meeting for his family, to announce himself as patriarch of the family. Perhaps it is the start of Firnen Rainforest becoming a homebase to not just one, but two power families.

July Y11

Firnen Rainforest OF SUMMER'S SORROW — Ludivine Dieudonné calls a mandatory pride meeting to introduce her cubs to the rest of the pride for the first time. It's also an open invite to any rogues that wish to join the pride.

June Y11

Firnen Rainforest FREEDOM WITHIN REACH — Sybil decides to ask for her family's freedom from the pride. However, will Ludivine Dieudonné accept such a request, which would cause her to lose both her lead medic and lead fighter?

May Y11

Firnen RainforestWolfbron Bluffs MET MY POTENTIAL — In a surprise turn of events, the previous King of Firnen, Ryker Dantanian, decides to challenge our Wolfbron Allies for the pride! Ludivine Dieudonné, newest matriarch of the family, attends and issues a kill on sight command against the challenger in rebuttal.

April Y11

Firnen Rainforest ELECTRIC CALLBOY — Colsun Valentine, who previously seemed content to laze about in the bottom ranks of the pride, has decided to initiate a challenge for Gentry!
Firnen Rainforest FOR GOD AND COUNTRY — Haider Dantanian has been a prisoner of Firnen since the takeover. But Ludivine Dieudonné has plans for him. In a surprise summons in front of the rest of the pride, she's chosen to given him a choice: fight for his freedom, or choose to stay and fight for a better position in the pride. Which will he choose?

March Y11

Firnen Rainforest OUR KINGDOM COME — Ludivine Dieudonné calls her Sovereign and her Heiress to her side to discuss plans for the pride's future. In a surprising turn of events, she proposes the two of them have a litter together, that will be raised by her and Gauthier Devorre as their own children.

February Y11

Firnen Rainforest PLANT THE SEED : WATCH IT GROW — Kireena, ex-Heiress under the previous ruler, is seemingly determined to make her way back up through the ranks once more. She decides to challenge for Barony!

January Y11

Firnen RainforestWolfbron Bluffs WINTER WAKES THE WOLF — Louve Dieudonné, Sovereign of Wolfbron and current enemy to the pride, approaches the borders for some reconciliation. However, with bad blood between her and Firnen's current Queen, it's unknown what turn the meeting will take.
Firnen RainforestAndal Oasis SEASON OF WONDER — Aeistrios Saxe, High Sovereign of Andal, and his wife approach the borders looking for an alliance. However, will an alliance with Amaryllis' resident villains be a smart move?

Firnen Rainforest History Year 10

December Y10

Firnen RainforestRogue Only Got One Shot — Ludivine Dieudonné rises victorious in her challenge for the crown, alongside bloody battles fought by her allies. Her first act as the new High Sovereign is to keep one of the former King's cubs as prisoner.

November Y10

Firnen RainforestVermeda Brook Novacandy — There is some drama on the passage as Aestrios of Vermeda claims out from under Kireena who uses the chance to get a little pay back for other matters as well as trying to defend the rogue.

October Y10

Scilla Lagoon claim for scilla lagoon. — scilla goes up for claim between a pair of lionessea. Who will win and what does it mean for Firnen?

Firnen Rainforest wings of icarus — In an event historic only for it's novelty in Ryker's experience, the once-challenger, turned prisoner, turned member, turned noble, Kireena, challenges for Heiress.

Firnen RainforestObsidian Hollow hold onto me — After an accident involving a crocodile, none other than Levana's mother has been taken into Firnen to rest and heal.

September Y10

Firnen RainforestWolfbron BluffsObsidian HollowRogue warrior's bravery — Once again, someone's trying to dethrone Amara. This time, however, it's a very familiar face - Anthonius Savante, the original source of the rift between their family and Ryker. Alexander is there, too, and quickly treated to a little attempted revenge.

August Y10

Firnen Rainforest fallout — After a month as prisoner, as discussed, Kireena seeks out Ryker to talk about options moving forward. As she's been cooperative and helpful, she's allowed to move up to a normal member.

July Y10

Firnen RainforestRogue i'm here to heed a call - or will i fall? — Speaking of challenges. An unknown lioness barges into Firnen to challenge Ryker. Rude. Ryker retains control of Firnen in the end, and claims the challenger Kireena as a prisoner.

June Y10

Firnen RainforestWolfbron BluffsAndal OasisObsidian Hollow chokepoint — Helah challenges for the Oasis, but there's more drama on the sidelines as fights break out. One between Alexander and Levana as the former attacks the Firnen Queen. Levana falls, Rainhart attacks Alexander in retaliation, and Ryker is left to deal with the mess of carrying her while corralling several disobedient cubs home as well. On the upside, Helah wins the Oasis.

May Y10

Firnen RainforestLorien PlainsVermeda BrookIllyria Summit midnight pleasures — Firnen is called on to aid Lorien in a raid against Vermeda.

Firnen RainforestLorien PlainsVermeda Brook counting bodies like sheep — Levana returns home agitated, calling the pride together.

April Y10

Firnen Rainforest rise above — Most exciting thing this month seems to be Rainhart's challenge for Noble.

March Y10

Firnen RainforestVermeda Brook investigate every corner — Continuing his efforts to get to the bottom of the small mystery of why everyone seems to be wary of Vermeda, Ryker ventures to the brook's borders in the hopes of a chat.

February Y10

Firnen RainforestIllyria Summit such strange rumors — Ryker makes the hike up to Illyria, to invite Summit leadership to discuss why so many of his allies are mysteriously cautious of them and the brook.

Firnen Rainforest family outing — The royal cubs are finally old enough to leave the den.

January Y10

Firnen Rainforest i know you, i danced with you once upon a dream — Levana and Ryker welcome four royal terrors-to-be cubs into the world.

Firnen Rainforest History Year 9

December Y9

Firnen Rainforest Andal Oasis mother is a god in the eyes of a child — Levana returns home bloody and in distress after an altercation with her cousin Dragos.

November Y9

Firnen Rainforest Ecrosia Mire Caladan Cove feels like we've done this before & white sands — Ryker ventures out to Ecrosia first, and then Caladan, in the hopes of securing allies.

October Y9

Firnen Rainforest Rogue claim for firnen rainforest — After a landslide leaves the land quiet and empty, Ryker once again gives in to impulse and claims the land. A lioness steps up to fight him for it, but Ryker prevails.

August Y9

Firnen Rainforest Andal Oasis wrong side of the tracks — Busy with his newborns he almost does not reach a border visitor in time and no less, his eldest daughter's love interest who, surprisingly, came to ask Sedona's parents for her hand in marriage! WHAT!?

July Y9

Firnen Rainforest thorn in my paw — While Jafar hosts a pride meeting to get every acquainted with the change of leadership, Thrain had decided that it is time to return to his post as Heir. With Kovirah stepping up the challenge! Thrain may have won but Jafar is not interested in leaving either without a reward.

June Y9

Firnen Rainforest dance away — A rank challenge turned maim match turned release; what? Looks like Narsil and Prince Thrain have some history that needed some sorting out and what better way than to put it in the past than to duke it out? Narsil leaves with a broken limb and Thrain with a few facial scars, though Narsil leaves altogether. What a ride!

May Y9

Firnen Rainforest evening pleasure — A rogue lion comes knocking at Firnen's borders and offers up a challenge, winking at the High Sovereign's newest wife in the process, but no leader is given the opportunity to arrive as a band of Firnen's wild monkeys decide that all the lions are disrupting their naps and flings some brown colored objects at each and every one of them, dispersing the crowd! Where would this challenger have gone now?

April Y9

Firnen Rainforest Lorien Plains manifested in words — It seems like a certain father is coming to visit his son, who upon leaving the Rainforest behind also left a child. Though, by no fault of his own. Valdi simply wished to stay here instead but could that choice change?

March Y9

Firnen Rainforest Scilla Lagoon OPEN CLAIM FOR SL — It seems as though another pride has fallen, and former King Alizabeth comes out victorious, securing her home once more. What will this mean for Firnen in terms of alliances?

February Y9

Firnen Rainforest Rogue DÉJÀ VU — Roan, Faelyn and Tobin come to Firnen to seek out a home after the loss of Obsidian. They are, of course, greeted with open paws.

January Y9

Firnen Rainforest Rogue T E E T H — Some stray cubs looking for trouble (or climbing experience?) wander into Firnen, trespassing. Oh dear...
Firnen Rainforest LOADING... [90% COMPLETE] — A second pride hunt for November as Maia calls the pride together once again.
Firnen Rainforest Ecrosia Mire Rogue PARADE IS NEVER WHERE WE NEED IT — Maia comes across a severely injured lioness by the name of Ula, who smells of the Mire. What has happened here?

Firnen Rainforest History Year 8

December Y8

Firnen Rainforest Obsidian Hollow OPEN CLAIM FOR OBSIDIAN HOLLOW — Obsidian Hollow crumbles, causing members to flee and the crown open for claiming. Vermier Dieudonné and Revna Sigrún battle it out, and Maia attends in a bid to recruit former Hollow members back to the safety of Firnen.
Firnen Rainforest Scilla Lagoon CLAIM FOR SCILLA LAGOON — It seems as though prides are falling more and more by the day. King Alizabeth disappears and two hopeful combatants battle it out for the new crown, but things are not as simple as it seems. War ensues between Wolfbron Bluffs and Vermeda Brook — quite how Firnen fits into this, though, is yet to be seen.

November Y8

Firnen Rainforest curiosity killed the cat — Maia calls the pride together for a mandatory meeting, the first under her rule.
Firnen Rainforest Lorien Plains you seem nice? — Maia visits Lorien Plains to discuss the relationship betwen the two prides, and to see just what the two rulers there are like.
Firnen Rainforest Scilla Lagoon kings and queens — Maia wanders over to Scilla Lagoon after witnessing the fight between King Alizabeth and Tiamat.
Firnen Rainforest Vermeda Brook who you want to be — Cassandra calls for Maia and Jafar, but is without Aquila. It seems as though there has been a change in leadership that needs to be cemented in terms of alliances.

October Y8

Firnen Rainforest Andal Oasis Wolfbron Bluffs Obsidian Hollow Caladan Cove Scilla Lagoon Lorien Plains Illyria Summit Rogue Ecrosia Mire Vermeda Brook paint the open sky in smoke and ash — A challenge rings out across Amaryllis for Andal Oasis. With the challenger coming from Wolfbron, what will this mean for Firnen in terms of allies?

September Y8

Firnen Rainforest Help Me Lose My Mind — Ex-High Sovereign Violarum comes to Firnen's borders, seemingly seeking something, or someone. Will he find what he is looking for within his old home?

August Y8

Firnen Rainforest FR Monthly Pride Hunt — We have our first official pride hunt rolled for September. Hopefully it is a success!
Firnen Rainforest No Church in the Wild — Maia comes across an injured male in the Passage and brings him back to Firnen, knowing only his name. Time will tell what his true intentions are, and what caused his injuries.

July Y8

Firnen Rainforest guided hands — Mordecai and Talitha return the fellowship to their prior home, seemingly with the intention to stay once more.

June Y8

Ecrosia Mire Firnen Rainforest keep your enemies closer — Maia goes to visit Ecrosia to talk with Alaric. How exactly will this conversation go?

Vermeda Brook Obsidian Hollow Illyria Summit Firnen Rainforest they're stuck at the start, & and where did you find this? & home from home; — Alliance talks are underway with Obsidian, Vermeda and Illyria.

Firnen Rainforest Obsidian Hollow Wolfbron Bluffs Andal Oasis Ecrosia Mire Rogue Illyria Summit Lorien Plains Vermeda Brook Caladan Cove Scilla Lagoon FIRNEN RAINFOREST CLAIMING THREAD — With some strange acidic rains, Firnen's former High Sovereign appears to abandon the pride in search for greener grass. Maia Tolkien and Aidoneus Peithro stake their claims, and Maia arises victorious. A new start for the Tolkien-Casales family.

May Y8

Firnen Rainforest -ˋˏ POURED MY ACHING HEART ˎˊ- — We welcome the birth of our lovely royal cubs!

April Y8

Firnen Rainforest Ecrosia Mire IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME — We have another visitor - this time from our immediate neighbours in Ecrosia. And it's none other than the boss himself! How exciting!

Firnen Rainforest shadow bright and burning — Violarum's challenge for the throne results in a peaceful exchange, as Talitha relinquishes the crown willingly.

March Y8

Firnen Rainforest Caladan Cove CULT OF DIONYSUS — Sahir, ruler of Caladan, arrives on Firnen's doorstep to seek counsel with Talitha.

Firnen Rainforest SHADOWS — Talitha gives birth -- but not everything is as it seems.

Firnen Rainforest SAINTS AND SINNERS — Hazel, of Andal Oasis, comes to the borders to... visit? She is the woman who Arishem had attacked in the war, and she is the one who blinded him. So, yeah, probably just a totally normal visit. Nbd.

February Y8

Firnen Rainforest WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE — Aneska finds herself at Firnen's borders. Could it be fate that brought her to us?

Firnen Rainforest SAFETY AT LAST — In the wake of their family's splintering, new mother Ragna visits Firnen with her two young children in tow. It seems that they are looking for a safe place to call home -- could Firnen be that place?

Firnen Rainforest LAZARUS — Arishem struggles in the aftermath of being maimed.

January Y8

Firnen Rainforest PASTORAL VIEW — Our newest member, Elke, has decided to try for noble. Let's see how this goes >:)

Firnen Rainforest STRIPES AND MUD — There must be something about Firnen that just attracts tigers, because we've got another one trespassing visiting! Don't make me post the Joe Exotic gif.

Ecrosia Mire HELL HATH NO FURY — A pride challenge for the Mire explodes into chaos. Firnen has no horses in this race but it seems to pull the entire island into the #drama. Indeed, our Noble, Arishem, decides to join the fray. Juicy!

Firnen Rainforest History Year 7

December Y7

Firnen Rainforest YOU CAN'T OWN LAND — Someone call Joe Exotic, there's a god damn tiger in Firnen :0!

Firnen Rainforest SHE WORE HER HOPES LIKE A CROWN & FOREIGNER'S GOD — The first two visitors to the Rainforest! The baptist, Arishem, arrives to hold council with his fellowship and darling Eve seeks out her soul sister.

November Y7

Firnen Rainforest CLAIM FOR FIRNEN RAINFOREST — Acidic rain descends upon the jungle, rendering it unlivable. The former pride scatters to the wind in the wake, leaving it open for claiming. Ransom and Talitha both heed nature's call and skirmish for the land. Talitha emerges victorious and is crowned the newest Sovereign.

September Y7

Firnen Rainforest Scilla Lagoon Heavy rain a holiday — Walpurgis sets off to claim the empty lands of Scilla; and within her battle she emerges victorious!

August Y7

Firnen Rainforest Ecrosia Mire Making dinner plans — Arjana sets off to Ecrosia in hopes to establish a joint pride hunt with Firnen's allies.

Firnen Rainforest Prodigal Son — Tanmay, the Sovereign's son, returns from illness and makes a surface from the den in seasons!

July Y7

Firnen Rainforest Ecrosia Mire Obsidian Hollow taking it all for us — Ecrosia, allies of Firnen, call for their support as an uprising is brought against Alaric. Looking to keep his word, Zoticus shows and calls for any willing members of Firnen to assist.

Firnen Rainforest Ecrosia Mire bring it down — Alaric approaches Firnen in the search of both an alliance and aid in an uprisings- Zoticus feels an understanding to his vision and desires, and aids his new friend in defending his new beginning.

Firnen Rainforest Life changes today — Zoticus returns to Firnen with Ivaan in tow, his son newly named heir and finally at home within the Rainforest.

June Y7

Firnen Rainforest Who is left? — Arjana holds a meeting to see who has remained after the challenge.

Firnen Rainforest Deeper Wounds — Zoticus and Arjana confront another, and an interesting turn of events take place.

May Y7

Firnen RainforestCaladan Cove Building Blocks — Zoticus Xanthos arrives in Firnen to challenge Roarke for it's crown.

April Y7

Firnen RainforestCaladan Cove sign of the times — Morrigan and Cassandra, High Sovereign and Heiress of Caladan Cove, come to Firnen's borders to see if the two prides might be able to come together with an alliance. They are met by Lexa and Roarke, and the discussions begin.

March Y7

Firnen Rainforest finding her will — After Roarke's encouragement to fight for ranks and worth, Arjana steps up to the plate to challenge for the open Gentry position. She is met in battle by Aarani's yearling daughter, Sana, and the pair attract quite a crowd as they spar for the rank.

Firnen Rainforest thread the needle — Lexa finally gives birth to a large litter of four; it's a difficult labor, and for a while, whether the queen will survive is up in the air.

Firnen Rainforest we've been trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty — A few days after Lexa's harrowing birth experience, the new parents awaken to find that there are... two more cubs in the pile than any of them remember having. And why do they look so suspiciously like a perfect combination of Cupid and Roarke...?

February Y7

Firnen Rainforest bottom of the river — Roarke calls a pride meeting to share the change of hands and rules with the rest of the pride. Even Lexa is in for a surprise with this development.

Firnen Rainforest as i breathe — Originally, Cupid only took Firnen as a way to protect it for Roarke, who he thought should be its rightful king. After months reeling in the aftermath of his brother's arrival and grim news, Roarke finally finds himself capable of leadership, and Cupid relinquishes the pride to him.

January Y7

Firnen Rainforest get the fuck out of dodge — After losing a rank challenge that Cupid deemed illegal, Ishak tries to skirt her punishment and leave the pride entirely. She may have gotten away with it too, if she hadn't been so rude in the process...

Firnen Rainforest yearning for the pack — Lexa and Madelina have a heart to heart, and the queen officially adopts the former Wolfbron refugee as her daughter. Madelina, who has known only loss and hardship until now, has the opportunity for a brighter future as a princess of Firnen.

Firnen Rainforest History Year 6

December Y6

Firnen Rainforest neighborhood lost and found — Madelina had arrived in Amaryllis not alone, but with the comforting figure of Iskander at her side. Wolfbron conflicts split them up before, yet it seems that the boy has finally found Madelina again! Cue cute, heartwarming reunion.

November Y6

Vermeda Brook Scilla Lagoon Firnen Rainforest thief in the night — Vermeda Brook has remained unchallenged since strangers came to Amaryllis... until now. A man by the name of Viridian takes up the opportunity to give the women of the Brook a run for their money. On the wings, however, an old feud between two familes (Sigrun and Rike) breaks out, and inner conflict is started with two Firnen members attacking each other!

Firnen Rainforest Looking for friendship — Yet another family in need comes to the sanctuary of the Rainforest. This time, it is the very woman who recruited Cupid into the Bluffs! Friends of Sole, Namara and other former Bluffs members, Arjana and her family are welcomed into the fold. Injured, but alive.

October Y6

Firnen Rainforest i didn't call you back — The pride challenge itself was a breeze for Sovereign Roarke, yet the events that played after left the titan uncaring for his wounds that led to infection and then, collapse. Cupid, worried for his condition, temporarily places Lexa as Firnen's Sovereign until the giant is back on his feet.

Firnen Rainforest don't you cry no more — Aarani, former High Sovereign of Andal Oasis and former pride-mate to Cupid, arrives at Firnen's borders with her kids following Kid Wars that pushed the family to make their exit from the desert pride.

Firnen Rainforest Andal Oasis we will abide — Following the drama at Wolfbron Bluffs, Seneca successfully frees Namara from the clutches of Vermier. He arrives at Firnen with the medic — the savior of Cupid's ward, Riptide. Namara accepts the rank of Gentry and Seneca and Cupid agree to discuss pride relations.

Firnen Rainforest Poison, deadly, movin' in slow — One of Firnen's medics, Calypso shows up on the Rainforest's borders with Leviathan in toe. She suffers from a venomous snake bite that must be treated ASAP! Calhoun arrives and swiftly calls for Cupid.

September Y6

Firnen Rainforest what's on the menu? — Cupid rings the dinner bell for another pride hunt! Hopeful to do well and capture a larger prey to fill the bellies as Firnen continues to expand.

Firnen Rainforest sleep by the ocean — Anyone order a bunch of pirates? Firnen gains the remainder of Roarke and Calhoun's Clan!

August Y6

Firnen Rainforest I challenge you for your rainforest — Striding with confidence deep into the Rainforest territory, a stranger's call booms forth a challenge; defend your home. Calamity is the first invader the current reigning pair must face. Roarke takes up the battle with Cupid and the Firnen residents watching and waiting.

Firnen Rainforest I've got a table for two, way in the back — Feeling low, the High Sovereign wanders his borders and ends up bumping into the Noble Roarke. Emotions that have been caged kept the two of them avoiding each other until now, and conversation that drifts from feelings to politics leaves Roarke finally accepting a position at Cupid's side as Firnen's Sovereign.

Firnen Rainforest SHIP WITHOUT A NAME — A stranger screaming Roarke's name is met by the High Sovereign, Cupid, who intercepts his path. Worried for the Noble's safety, Cupid continues to keep the trespasser at bay until Roarke shows. A heartfelt reunion ensures, but not without gloom news.

July Y6

Firnen Rainforest Wolfbron Bluffs phantom pain & caught in a maze — Following the Wolfbron challenge, Lexa heeds Cupid's words and challenges for a cub that has stolen our hearts, Madelina (who has in return fallen in love with Lexa, aw). Meanwhile, Cupid strikes out next to challenge for his ward, Riptide, and... well that ends unexpectedly.

Firnen Rainforest Wolfbron Bluffs la mitrailleuse fait de l'ordre — The former home of High Sovereign Cupid is challenged by Vermier — once monarch of Scilla Lagoon — in an act of revenge against the feuding prides. Cupid, Noble Roarke, and Lexa arrive on the scene to spectate the event. This ends with Vermier securing the Bluffs in a surprising twist, which leaves Zoticus without a home and Cupid's former pride-mates stuck. Cupid swiftly promotes Lexa to Gentry and issues out suggests to challenge.

Firnen Rainforest Wolfbron Bluffs i admit i'm a bit of a fool — Following the days of the challenge, Cupid makes his way to his former pride to announce his new position in Amaryllis politics. He is swiftly met by Zoticus, Wolfbron's High Sovereign, and Arjana, Gentry.

June Y6

Firnen Rainforest To bury a friend — The dust settles over Firnen after the heartbreaking carnage that leaves two dead on the Rainforest floor. Gawain, a friend of Sangria's, begins to dig a grave to honor her without knowing a vigil is already underway by Firnen Noble, Roarke. How will Firnen members take to the intruders?

Firnen Rainforest Dropkick Murphy — Gwyn Casimir stepped up to the plate chasing after his ambitions following the departure of High Sovereign Sangria, but met a challenger in the form of the unexpected Wolfbron Gentry, Cupid, who successfully fends off the older male for the Rainforest crown.

Firnen Rainforest Andal Oasis Wolfbron Bluffs Ecrosia Mire Vermeda Brook Caladan Cove Obsidian Hollow Time to do some Sketchy Shit — Initiated by Andal Oasis, Aquila’s trespass within Firnen has sparked a dying flame and takes the feud between native and outsider to a different realm. Sangria has passed in the raid that has followed — alongside Aquila’s long-term friend and brother-figure, Valhalla — leaving Firnen without a leader at its helm. Tension boils over between Wolfbron Bluffs and Ecrosia Mire as numerous fights break out while others scramble to assist on the sidelines and mourn the loss of those important to them. The Rainforest houses the first official raid on Amaryllis soil.

May Y6

Firnen RainforestCaladan Cove Obsidian HollowScilla LagoonWolfbron BluffsEcrosia MireAndal OasisVermeda Brook Devil in the Deep Blue — Ulla has challenged for Scilla Lagoon, and a fight breaks out between members of Obsidian and the Lagoon.

Firnen RainforestCaladan Cove Obsidian HollowScilla LagoonWolfbron BluffsEcrosia MireAndal OasisVermeda Brook Infinitely Alive — Avaneira from Obsidian has challenged for and taken the throne of Caladan Cove!

April Y6

Firnen Rainforest Wearing my warning sign — New member Celeste has challenged for Gentry!

Firnen RainforestAndal Oasis Hello Pot, Meet Kettle — Sangria and Aquila come face to face after the Firnen battle - to discuss the matters of their pride alliances.. or disalliances, rather. Will things remain simply tense, or will the two newest pride leaders of Amaryllis come to blows?

Firnen RainforestWolfbron Bluffs We're one of a kind — Zoticus and Circe have come to the borders to discuss an alliance with Firnen.

Firnen Rainforest Stand and Deliver — Sangria has risen to challenge Roan for the leadership of the pride. Much to the consternation and anger of the Hodari family, and much of Firnen. Only time will tell how well this strategy will play out for her.

March Y6

THESE VIOLENT DELIGHTS — Ecrosia Mire, ruled by Roan's brother Kiton, is challenged for by Genya of the Lagoon. Though Kiton steps away victorious, chaos ensues on the sidelines afterwards.

Firnen Rainforest Makers Mark — True to her word, Sangria does not idle in the lower ranks for long before challenging for the empty Noble rank. With no one to step up and take the challenge, our other noble, Ismae, decides to test the woman herself. Sangria wins the fight, becoming Firnen's second noble before the two women then discuss the quiet tendencies of the Rainforest since Roan's takeover.

February Y6

Firnen Rainforest Obsidian Hollow better late than never — Magnus, High Sovereign of Obsidian Hollow stops by Firnen for a visit, being perhaps one of the few who know of the recent change in the Rainforest leadership.

Firnen Rainforest we'll find a way — While out in Maua's passage, Roan stumbles across two very familiar faces. His little brother siblings, Aeneas and Birdie, become the newest members of the Rainforest.

January Y6

Firnen Rainforest Waving the warning banner — A familiar face shows up in the dead of night to share some concerning news with the new High Sovereign. Vasilis arrives with warnings about random attacks having taken place recently within Amaryllis, often against lone females, and mentions two males to be weary of, one of which is the new Lagoon leader.

Firnen Rainforest just doing my job — While out on a patrol, Roan's aunt Furia shows up with interest to join Firnen. She and her husband Actaeon become the first Hodari family members to join Roan since he took over the Rainforest.

Firnen Rainforest History Year 5

December Y5

Firnen Rainforest hallowed ground // — With the Rurik needing their commander to return home, Avreya calls a meeting to inform the pride of her departure. In her wake, she leaves Roan as the newest High Sovereign with Ismae helping as well.

November Y5

Firnen Rainforest Ecrosia Mire no easy feat — Roan approaches Avreya to alert her of his move to Ecrosia Mire with his sibling. She promises a visit to the sovereign soon, sending Roan off with a small gift of herbs to the other pride.

Firnen Rainforest Ecrosia Mire neighborhood watch // — Avreya visits the Mire in order to gauge the relationship between the Rainforest and its previously contentious neighbor, anticipating a different result from the last.

Firnen Rainforest Scilla Lagoon exchange program — Oberon, the new Lagoon ruler, escorts the heavily-pregnant Aarani back into the territory after an outing. Avreya greets them, and the two discuss pride relations.

October Y5

Firnen Rainforest Caladan Cove i seek the lost — Jewel arrives upon the Rainforest border, seeking to meet with Kimagure but finding her scent upon the borders fading. Avreya arrives to deliver the news of the woman's passing.

September Y5

Ecrosia Mire There's Wolves in the House — A rogue challenges for Ecrosia Mire and wins the crown, removing a problematic neighbor -- and potentially gaining an ally, as the new King is a relative of a pride member, Roan. Avreya discovers that Aarani had been forcibly held captive by Vine.

Firnen Rainforest mourning veil — Ismae checks in on Avreya after Kimagure's death. Avreya takes the time to promote Ismae to the pride's first Lead Huntress, rewarding her for her successful pride hunt.

August Y5

Firnen Rainforest cleanse // — Avreya and Kimagure come together to ensure they remain on the same page, with Kimagure bringing news of a mistake that has the potential to either blow over, or cause tension. During this discussion, Kimagure promotes Avreya to become the Rainforest's first Sovereign.

Firnen Rainforest CALL TO ARMS — With numbers growing rapidly, Kimagure calls the pride to its first full group meeting to ensure everyone stays informed. She also puts out a general call for those who wish to volunteer for ranks.

Firnen Rainforest Thou Art With Me — Avreya and Kimagure take an opportunistic chance at a hunt of a trapped water buffalo calf. While distracting the charging mother from Avreya, Kimagure is horrifically gored in a freak accident, rending her with a fatal wound.

July Y5

Firnen Rainforest Scilla Lagoon Caladan Cove Andal Oasis Wolfbron Bluffs Vermeda Brook Second Time's the Charm, Right? — The Oasis has fallen, with Fionn missing. Several members of the rainforest come to observe the resulting claim made by Valhalla, Kimagure's own opponent. A previous resident rises to meet his claim, aiming to keep the Oasis as her home. Kimagure reaches out to the distressed Aarani, previous Sovereign, and offers her a place to stay.

June Y5

Firnen Rainforest Scilla Lagoon Caladan Cove Andal Oasis Wolfbron Bluffs Vermeda Brook Eagle Soar — It appears the Bluffs have been disbanded by a hyena raid and the leader, Faust, is nowhere to be seen. Aquila, a member of Vermeda Brook, and Zoticus one of the Bluff's members under Faust enter into battle over the Bluffs, many members from many different prides have gathered to observe the spar and learn who will lead the Bluffs now. Avreya searches for her family, two of which were members of the Bluffs.

Firnen Rainforest Scilla Lagoon Obsidian Hollow Caladan Cove Andal Oasis Wolfbron Bluffs Vermeda Brook Ecrosia Mire Next of Kin — Vasilis has disappeared and left Scilla Lagoon to disband, giving rise to a claim from Pistis Casimir. Initially Magnus, Obsidian Hollow's High Sovereign offers the woman a deal, but is drawn away by a strange cry. Maia of Andal Oasis stands against her, but ultimately loses her spar. Many members of the Rainforest attend the affair, with Avreya, the Rainforest's first Noble, encountering a member of her family there.

Firnen Rainforest Vermeda Brook Heathenous — Kimagure and Avreya approach Vermeda Brook, the final pride in Kimagure's diplomacy pilgrimage in order to discuss relations between their prides and to inquire after the Ruriks Avreya is searching for.

May Y5

Firnen Rainforest Andal Oasis Sunlight — Kimagure comes to the borders of Andal Oasis with intentions of discussing pride relations, bringing Avreya with her in search of her family. She is greeted first by the Oasis' new Sovereign Aarani, followed by the High Sovereign Fionn.

Firnen Rainforest Wolfbron Bluffs Eye to Eye — Kimagure, with Avreya in tow, approaches Wolfbron Bluffs to discuss pride relations with High Sovereign Faust, or as he likes to term himself, The Bluff's Archangel.

Firnen Rainforest Caladan Cove Rainforest Bongo — Jewel, High Sovereign of Caladan Cove, has arrived on the borders of the rainforest to discuss a mutual friend of hers and Kimagure's, Jyzara Donner, as well as the relations between their prides.

Firnen Rainforest Obsidian Hollow We're Good — Magnus, High Sovereign of Obsidian Hollow and his noble Zulema have arrived on the rainforest's borders with intentions of discussing pride relations. It is learned that one of Avreya's family members dwells within the Hollow.

Firnen Rainforest cleanse // — Kimagure discusses strategy with Avreya and promotes the lioness to become Firnen Rainforest's first Noble.

Firnen Rainforest Ecrosia Mire Risen Crown — Kimagure approaches the leader of Ecrosia Mire, intent on discussing pride relations with Viné. Already the opposing High Sovereign has offended Kimagure and her escort Avreya Rurik by suggesting that women need protecting and by implying a trade will be necessary should he come into possession of one of Avreya's family members. The two prides part with palpable tension.

April Y5

Firnen Rainforest Scilla Lagoon Boldness in Battle is Nothing Out of the Way — The High Sovereign of Scilla Lagoon, Vasilis, arrives to establish a relationship with Firnen Rainforest. It is decided that the two prides will maintain a friendly relationship for now, but both are open to a potential trade agreement.

Firnen Rainforest I Shall Fear No Evil — Kimagure establishes Firnen Rainforest after claiming victory over Valhalla.

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