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February 11, 2024The Mire has fallen from the Stärke family and is now held by Luther Rike. The change has stirred but the fighting nature of those on the island. The Brook finds a new leader with Icefang and Isla takes over the Lagoon after a storm pushes out the old leader. Reti finds himself the leader of the Hollows after Alexander is hurt. The Oasis finds a new leader in Léonie who is soon tested by Harou.

January 8, 2024 The snow has finally begun to melt anew, which means that the world is slowly returning to the much-anticipated summer season. With the various holiday activities and the other jests put on by Nafasi also coming to a close, it is safe to say that winter is finally over.

December 5th, 2023 Nafasi had pulled a cruel trick and has sent Amaryllis back into a renewed winter season! But it's not all bad, because the lands will also see a handful of holiday-themed events popping up as a result. To make things more interesting, a wayward trio of travlers have also arrived and are facilitating a mass competition between the prides, bands, and rogues -- formally dubbed the Amaryllis Winter Games.

December 2nd, 2023 The spring air brings forth a number of pride challenges. A familiar challenger for the Cove and the Oasis arrive to try to earn what they want. The new leader of the Lagoon is tested in battle as well. What changes will come from the challenges? Who will remain standing and who will find their world turned upside down?

November 27th, 2023 In a challenge between mother and daughter, the leadership of Wolfbron Bluff changes for the first time in 5 IC years.

November 22nd, 2023 Two death matches, one resurrection, and an almost-war later, the lands find themselves in a constant state of turmoil and calamity. Families have been torn apart and endless blood has been spilt; but how is it all going to end?

November 3rd, 2023 The lands stir violently as a death match rages on between Aeistrios Saxe and Morrigan Greyflood. Observers spill into the pit in droves to witness what will no doubt be a historic battle -- and it is clear that this familial fued is far from over, no matter who wins and who dies.

October 12th, 2023 With winter comes the surge of more pride challenges; Ludivine challenges Ryker for Firnen Rainforest and is victorious in her endeavors, meanwhile an outcropping of maims breaks out on the sidelines. In a shocking turn of events Luther returns to challenge Bruno for Ecrosia Mire, will the former heir prove victorious or has Bruno got what it takes to keep his brother's ambitions at bay? This has undoubtedly shaken things up as Bruno declares war against Andal Oasis and Allies in the process!

September 26th, 2023 A series of pride challenges spark up across the peninsula, while warring families face-off as tensions reach their boiling points. Anthonius Savante barely manages to escape the clutches of Apollinaire Dieudonne with his life, while death looms over the broken truce between the Valour-Greyflood and Saxe families.

September 4th, 2023 After Tinúviel collapsed at the Wolfbron Bluff's challenge, she was unable to make it back to the Lagoon to take up her leadership position again and the pride disbands. Diomedeidae & Cirilla fight for the pride.

August 28th, 2023 Both Amara and Morrigan keep their prides. Lachesis doesn't show to defend the Brook and Renfri takes over. The Wolfbron Bluffs challenge seems to be setting off fireworks already.

August 15th, 2023 The two longest standing female leaders are both fighting for their prides once again. Anthonius challenges Amara for the Bluffs. Amaroq challenges Morrigan for the Summit. A new leader faces his first challenge as Renfri challenges Lachesis for the Brook. Did anyone think that peace was something the island was able to have?

August 1st, 2023 Conflict, drama, love, and loss - the lands are never free from any of it for more than a fleeting moment. As the summer months wane on and the season nears its end, there is no telling what is coming next upon the horizon.

June 19th, 2023 With the rains leaving and spring upon the island, things are heating up among the lions. Bruno seeks to unseat his father in the Mire. Helah looks to dethrone Scorpius in the Oasis and keep the fire between the Bluffs and the Oasis alive. The Plains have raided the Brook and allies on both sides showed up to help.

May 23rd, 2023 All is fair in love and war - moments of chaos and peace lull in a cyclical nature across the lands of Amaryllis, though most are wise enough to know that the quiet never lasts quite long enough.

April 20th, 2023 Alexander manages to win the Hollows and Tiamat keeps the Lagoon. Vághan challenges Amara for the Bluffs but Amara is able to hold off another challenger and keeps the Bluffs. The Cove was hit by a storm that washed away it's leader leaving the lands open to be claimed by Nephthys and Keligan who both are attached to the land. Cirilla attempts to take the Oasis from Scorpius who seems driven to keep the land.

April 5th, 2023 It doesn't take long for the dust to kick up as the Hollows is challenged for by Alexander once again and the Lagoon is challenged for by Fernweh.

March 31st, 2023 As wars and challenges continue to break out across the lands, Amaryllis is certainly keeping up with its turbulent reputation. One can only hope that the dust will settle soon enough - for everyone's sake.

March 10th, 2023 The turbulance of the prides never ceases for very long, as a violent landslide forces the members of Firnen Rainforest to evacuate and disband. Who will step up for the throne this time around?

March 1st, 2023 While Gauthier manages to retain control of Caladan Cove, Lorien Plains' fate is not so simple. With Aeistrios overthrowing Violarum and taking the pride's throne, how will things unravel from here?

February 20th, 2023 Even though the last batch of pride challenges did not succeed in shifting most of the political tides in Amaryllis, it did not deter ambitious souls from seeking out thrones of their own. The fates of both Lorien Plains and Caladan Cove now hang in the balance, stirring further unrest as a result.

January 25th, 2023 It seems that the island wasn't ready for new leaders to take over right away as Vermier keeps ahold of the Hollows and Cassandra keeps the Brook in the family. The steadiness doesn't last long as a blistering sand storm rolls through the Oasis, leaving it empty until Ronin and Scorpius take up battle to see who will claim the lands.

January 16th, 2023 After battling for their prides, all current leaders remain with their crowns. Amara successfully wins a challenge for the Bluffs for the third time. Morrigan wins her first battle after a year of leading the Summit, the relations between the Mire and Summit seem to have splintered as war breaks out. Ryker battles a familiar face in Leander for the Oasis and manages to keep his crown and denies a family the ability to get back to it. Alexander battles Vermier for the Hollows, a move that causes Ryker to drop his attachements to Alexander's family.

January 9th, 2023 After peace seemed to settle over the island the warm air and lifting of the rains brings out the challenges for prides. The Lagoon gains new leaders. The Oasis leader, Ryker fights to keep his pride from Leander. Amara, the oldest leader in the island once again fights to keep the Bluffs, this time against Arkyn. While Cassandra fights against Aeistrios to keep the Brook in the paws of family and friends.

December 19th, 2022 In a bold move, Amara of Wolfbron Bluffs has taken King Alizabeth prisoner after she was attacked by some mammoths. This has left Scilla Lagoon empty of it's leader once again.

December 16th, 2022 Spring works it's way to the island and with the coming of warmer weather it seems that the island has calmed and for the moment allowed things to settle.

November 29th, 2022 The winter season has proven to be brutal and unforgiving as the weather pushes the lions of Scilla Lagoon from their home, once again leaving the pride vulnerable for claiming. This time, Ronin is looking for the opportunity to rule, though he is quickly countered by Alizabeth, who is hoping to reclaim what was once her's.

November 11th, 2022 After Alizabeth left the Lagoon to find her cub and ended up falling ill, the pride has found itself at the center of another challenge and war. Prometheus and Recluse fought to see who would lead Scilla Lagoon, with Recluse reigning victorious, while the lions of Wolfbron Bluffs extend their reach with Vermier as the new High Sovereign of Obsidian Hollows. With so many changes to the leaders of Amaryllis, what is ahead for the island?

November 8th, 2022 "When will this end?" you may ask yourself as you are thrust in between worlds once more. This time, however, you are not simply floating in the nothingness or above the land you call home. No. It is snippets of visions that pay now before you as if you're there. As if it isn't just a memory of a time long gone. Their piercing eyes gaze at you. You are taken aback out of fear or maybe awe. Somehow you know deep within your heart the identity of this loner: Kivuli. When you awake, the memory of the fury in their gaze remains burned within your mind.

October 22nd, 2022 An earthquake has resulted in parts of Obsidian Hollow to fall in, trapping Roan in the process as he sought to evacuate the others. In the aftermath, Vermier and Revna waste no time moving in to make their claim for the newly vacant territory.

October 17th, 2022 It is happening again - you are thrust into this in-between of worlds, the tendrils of mist swirling before you like hungry serpents. You can almost feel them tickle your sides and wrap around your ankles -- "I am Kivuli," the strange chorus of voices responds firmly, their fury brimming at the tip of their words. It is powerful and intense, like a titanous wave about to crash and leave everything in ruin. "... and I will take back what is mine." What is coming for the island? Will there be enough support to keep Maua as the stronger deity or will Kivuli take over?

October 8th, 2022 A rumble is felt on the eastern side of the island, prompting violent waves to crash into the lands of Caladan Cove and driving out the lions that once lived there. Days pass before the ocean calms and settles once again, but the lions that were once there are now gone, and the pridelands are open for a new ruler.

October 7th, 2022 Alizabeth remains the leader of Scilla Lagoon whilst Seneca loses his battle to Ryker for Andal Oasis. Will the outcome of these battles shape how the island works together in the coming days? With new leaders also taking over Lorien Plains (Ghyslaine) and Vermeda Brook (Cassandra), things could be on edge once again.

October 1st, 2022 Something takes hold of those living on the island - - shared vision or dream that seems to shake the core of what they have come to know. Accompanied with a strange voice within their minds, those who came to Amaryllis long ago, guided by Maua's voice, will feel a pagne of familiarity. Only this time, the voice is different and chilling. What is coming?

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December 2, 2023 Fa la la la la, la la la la! It's finally December, and we all know what that means — holiday events, woohoo! We will also be having a site break December 22nd - Jan 5th.

November 28, 2023 We are looking for input on the trade system revamp. Learn more about it and the raffle here!

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October Y11
Crunchy leaves, rain, and cool nights are on the rise as Amaryllis descends into the fall season. The cold is beginning to creep in from the nothern territories, whistling through the trees and mountains along the way, but, in time, will encapsulate the entire peninsula.

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Ecrosia Mire
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Dark and gloomy waters characterize the bulk of Ecrosia Mire, where the air is thick and the earth is slathered in heavy layers of muck and mud. The trees overhead prevent much, if any, daylight from peaking through, and instead serve to veil the pride in a blanket of thin, yet constant, fog. Mazes of low-hanging branches and shallow water mean that the winding trails can be difficult for even the most seasoned of residents, bolstered only by the dense thickets and thorn bushes that guard the outskirts of the swamp.


February 11 – Illyria, led by Morrigan, has come to wage war and seek release for Alaric's children! Luther commands all Ecrosian members to show up and fight. Prisoners take priority in stopping their escape, and trespassers are to be maimed on sight! Alaric has called for Luther's head, and the two engage in a battle to the death. Ecrosia's fate once again hangs in uncertainty.

February 1 – We have not one, but two Andal trespassers! One of them is Leonie, who is snooping around in her disguise to look for more information on our prisoners, while the other is far less... careful. Amandil is, in fact, strolling in like he owns the place!

January 26 – A storm on the side of Scilla disbands the pride, and two bodies wash up on the western side of Ecrosia! One is the fallen Queen herself, Sersie, while the other is our long lost Princess Runa. Meanwhile, an enemy trespasser enters in the night in search of Luther's son and daughter. Diomedaide is quickly intercepted by the High Sovereign himself - whatever will happen next?

January 20 – Luther calls a pride meeting, but it is interrupted by his father, Alaric, who comes seeking retribution & freedom for his children! Fights ensue - Mire members trying to stop the prisoners' run, while a tragedy strikes on the sidelines...

Important Threads

Leader Ranks

High Sovereign


Gender: nb
Master: none
Level: none
Sub: none
Level: none

Gender: nb
Master: none
Level: none
Sub: none
Level: none

High Ranks

Medium Ranks

Occupational Ranks

Lead Hunter

Gender: nb
Master: none
Level: none
Sub: none
Level: none
Lead Medic

Lead Scout

Lead Advisor

Gender: nb
Master: none
Level: none
Sub: none
Level: none
Lead Storyteller

Gender: nb
Master: none
Level: none
Sub: none
Level: none

Low Ranks


Gender: nb
Master: none
Level: none
Sub: none
Level: none
Gender: nb
Master: none
Level: none
Sub: none
Level: none



It is the responsibility of every pride member to know the laws. Failure of such will come down upon their recruiter as well.

  1. The High Sovereign holds ultimate authority in all political matters.
  2. Ecrosian men, irrespective of rank, are deemed superior to all Ecrosian women, including the nobility.
  3. Challenge is open for all ranks except Heir, exclusive to Luther's son. Sovereign can be contested by proven men or women in Luther's harem. A female Sovereign commands respect from all women but remains below all men, akin to a glorified trophy wife.
  4. Adherence to alliances is mandatory; fraternization with the enemy invites maiming and exile.
  5. In the High Sovereign's absence, the Sovereign must defend the pride. If disbanded, the Heir assumes leadership, unless underage. Pride inheritance is exclusive to men.
  6. Claiming is obligatory against enemy prides; never from under allies. Violating this rule leads to banishment.
  7. Duty fulfillment is mandatory for ranked members; failure results in rank stripping.
  8. Trespassers face immediate maiming and subsequent imprisonment; allied guests require constant escort.
  9. Seeking release necessitates finding a replacement, or the Nobility will appoint one.
  10. All Stärke and Sigrún must be maimed on sight and imprisoned whenever possible.
  11. Prisoners are confined to pride premises and excluded from pride events, unless specified otherwise.

Pride Relations

Obsidian Hollow Obsidian Hollow - Unknown
Caladan Cove Caladan Cove - Cautious
Scilla Lagoon Scilla Lagoon - Cautious
Andal Oasis Andal Oasis - Unknown
Wolfbron Bluffs Wolfbron Bluffs - Enemies
Vermeda Brook Vermeda Brook - Unknown
Firnen Rainforest Firnen Rainforest - Cautious
Illyria Summit Illyria Summit - Enemies
Lorien Plains Lorien Plains - Cautious
Rogue Gold Crows Band - Unknown

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Ecrosia Mire History Year 11

October Y11

Ecrosia MireScilla LagoonAndal OasisIllyria SummitWolfbron BluffsLorien Plains BREAK THE CHAINS THAT BIND YOU - Illyria Summit, led by Morrigan, has come to aid prisoners' escape! Alaric arrives not long after, waging a death match against his son, Luther. Things escalate quickly and war against Ecrosia Mire breaks out.

September Y11

Ecrosia MireScilla Lagoon it's a mad world - Ecrosian yearling, Grimm Rike, finds a peculiar sight at the western sea-bound border of the Mire. Two bodies have washed ashore after last night's storm. Luther arrives to inspect and quickly recognizes one of the bodies - the High Sovereign of Scilla Lagoon, our neighbor, Sersie Drake. The other body is surprisingly that of Runa Rike, Luther's long lost daughter!

August Y11

Ecrosia MireDevour your oppressors - Luther's meeting is interrupted by his father, Alaric, who comes to free his imprisoned kin! Fights ensue at the borders, Ecrosians trying to stop the prisoners' run, while tragedy strikes on the sidelines.

August Y11

Ecrosia Mire — black holes / solid ground - Luther has toppled his brother and taken over the Mire. His first work is to imprison all Starke children.

July Y11

RogueEcrosia Mire — black holes / solid ground - The pride meets when Luther shows himself once more, calling out for his younger brother's crown.

June Y11

Ecrosia Mire two idiots running an event - At the nagging suggestion of their brother, princes Vulferam and Hubert host a training event to teach the pride the arts of sleuthing and assassination.

May Y11

Ecrosia MireAndal Oasis her gods are made of knives - After months of imprisonment, Runa, niece and unknown reincarnated mother of the king, tries to escape the pride once Bruno and Alaric have left to attend a challenge for Andal. The disgraced former heir takes the opportunity to challenge for his other daughter, Eris, and is intercepted by his own half-brothers, with Hubert taking Luther while Vulferam tries to stop Runa. She slips off into the foliage despite his efforts, and the battle for Eris rages on until a hail storm skews the scene and marks Hubert successful in keeping her. Luther pledges that he will be back before slipping into the shadows where he came from.

April Y11

Lorien PlainsEcrosia Mire The Throne Room - Violarum comes calling and meets with Alaric to discuss the future of the Saxe prisoners.

Lorien PlainsEcrosia Mire All I've Built - Meanwhile Bruno visits the plains, seeking to solidify a betrothal between his young daughter and one of the Frei children.

March Y11

Andal OasisEcrosia Mire I love you, goodbye - So soon after another fight to the death, one of Aeistrios's own wives calls for his death and chaos erupts. The many enemies of the oasis take this as an opportunity to strike unguarded cubs, and an Andal lioness even attempts to steal back one of the Ecrosian prisoners.

February Y11

Ecrosia Mire the goddamn hamptons - King Bruno returns from another secret tryst with his lover only to find his den notably occupied... by a pumpkin? He calls out for Tai in a panic before striking the fruit, sending four newborn cubs flying out in his den. Tai insists that Bruno must have had them with some lioness, while Bruno tries to convince his advisor that they are being pranked by someone nefarious who knows too much. They relent to keeping them as Ecrosian royals, though the situation is precarious at best as none of their relationship is yet made public.

January Y11

Andal OasisIllyria Summit Fatal Pleasure - Aeistrios calls for Morrigan in a challenge to the death. While Bruno does not care who lives or dies, it serves as prime opportunity for his father.

Andal OasisEcrosia Mire I'd give it all up but I'm taking back my love - Taking advantage of the oasis king's summons, Alaric and Wither sneak into the desert territory to steal back his wife and daughter, only for Tinúviel herself to fight against them.

Ecrosia Mire History Year 10

December Y10

Andal OasisRogueEcrosia MireWolfbron BluffsLorien Plains — of thorns & brothers — The disgraced former-heir of Ecrosia arrives under the cloak of night to challenge his littermate's rule over the pride in a battle against brothers. Aeistrios attacks Alaric while Renfri steals away Tinúviel, thrusting the Mire into clear war with the oasis and a band of mercenaries, the Gold Crows. Allies from Wolfbron and Lorien jump in to strike back against their overpowered enemies. Luther's daughter and reincarnated mother, Runa, tries to attack an ally, only for Lead Advisor Tai to use a rare perk and stop the attack. She changes her target to him in her fury and maims his leg. Once Bruno reigns the victor over his elder brother, he becomes blinded with rage at the sight of his injured lover and maims his niece/mother in vengeance.

November Y10

Scilla LagoonEcrosia Mire Pick up the scattered pieces — Tinúviel falls ill and is unable to manage her duties as queen. Alaric brings her and the cubs back to the Mire to rest and recover. Welcome to the new princes and princesses.

October Y10

Ecrosia Mire I wanna see you sweat — The new king calls for the pride to gather in a training event so he might assess the pride's skill level. Prince Vulferam calls for his brother, Prince Hubert, to spar.

September Y10

Wolfbron BluffsRogueEcrosia Mire Warrior's Bravery — The familiar Anthonius Savante challenges our ally in the bluffs for their crown, previously known for challenging for an Ecrosian lioness on our own soil. Bruno and Alaric arrive to watch judgmentally, but will they have to do more than watching?

August Y10

Ecrosia MireLorien Plains the apple falls — Bruno approaches the rumored new king of the plains to establish relations between the prides once more – the first real test of his diplomacy.

July Y10

Ecrosia Mire Legends Swept Away — Another son of Alaric, Hubert, seeks out his newly-risen brother for a meeting.

June Y10

Ecrosia Mire Scilla Lagoon —willowed back to god. — A royal litter is welcomed between the leaders of both the mire and the lagoon

May Y10

Ecrosia Mire FORGED FATE — Bruno calls for his father's crown! Their fight is long and fierce, but ultimately the heir comes up victorious. The throne is passed to the second generation.

April Y10

Ecrosia Mire Wolfbron Bluffs these violent delights — Alaric brings his new heir to formally meet Wolfbron leadership

March Y10

Ecrosia Mire Wolfbron Bluffs CAUGHT SOMETHING THAT BELONGS TO YOU — Amara, the High Sovereign of Wolfbron and the swamp's oldest ally arrives at Ecrosian borders to return a trespassing Mire cub.

February Y10

Ecrosia Mire BEHOLD THIS CROWN OF THORNS — Alaric meets with Bruno to discuss the future of the Mire, naming the boy as his new Heir.

January Y10

Ecrosia Mire Scilla Lagoon THE UNDOING OF EVERYTHING — Alaric and Tinuviel call for Luther to discuss his recent transgressions, and bring to light the truth of the Heir's intentions, in a meeting that will inevitably cause ripples through the Mire.

Ecrosia Mire History Year 9

December Y9

Caladan Cove CC claim thread — A winter storm has devastated one of Ecrosia's strongest allies, Caladan Cove. High Sovereign Gauthier has been swept out to sea leaving his pride open for claiming. Former Mire member Nephthys has stepped up to claim the pride, facing off against Keligan.

November Y9

Ecrosia Mire Vermeda Brook answers — In the wake of Luther's attempted steal of Revna at the passage the Vermeda leaders come to the Mire demanding answers. It does not go over well with the Mire leaders, and seems to be leading towards an all out war between the two prides.

October Y9

Ecrosia Mire Illyria Summit Andal Oasis Vermeda Brook CALL HIS WRATH — Rainer Rike has issued a challenge against Morrigan for Illyria Summit! Alaric calls for Ecrosia, preparing for the inevitable clash of Rike supporters and Illyria allies!

September Y9

Ecrosia Mire Vermeda Brook Obsidian HollowBanish Me to Exile — The appearance of a Sigrun in the passage sparks chaos, with the Heir attempting to take advantage of an escalating situation to steal away the queen of the brook...

August Y9

Ecrosia Mire Caladan Cove Illyria Summit Vermeda Brook Wolfbron Bluffs Andal OasisKill the King and Throne the Queen — Another challenge erupts and this one brings the threat of war. With tension brewing just beneath the surface Alaric attends to watch, and to back up one of his closest allies if it comes to it.

July Y9

Ecrosia Mire Andal Oasis Lorien Plains Obsidian Hollow Scilla Lagoon Vermeda Brook Wolfbron Bluffs Firnen Rainforest Illyria SummitDeal the Hand — Ronin Svend, the new leader of Andal Oasis has boldly summoned all the pride rulers of the land to gather at the Peak to discuss alliances. Alaric, Slaine and Luther attend the meeting, but what will it mean for Ecrosia? Is a new war brewing?

June Y9

Ecrosia Mire Wolfbron Bluffs path to self-destruction — Wolfbron Bluffs, perhaps the Mire's most long-standing ally, faces a challenger for the throne. Amara Dieudonne maintains her crown, while Heir Luther brings home a prize he didn't quite win.

May Y9

Ecrosia Mire Illyria Summit icy empire — Unrest spreads through Amaryllis as challenges rise up across the land. EM's Noble, Adeodatus, has set his sights on Illyria Summit. With the previous fragile understanding between the rulers now shattered, Alaric and his pride engage the Summit lions in battle.

Ecrosia Mire evergreen — Alaric's once lost love Aidoneus has made her return to Amaryllis and subsequently arrives in Ecrosia to share in an emotional reunion with her children.

April Y9

Ecrosia Mire Make a choice — In the wake of his defeat at the Scilla Lagoon challenge, Ronin comes calling at Ecrosia's borders, intent to retrieve both his daughters from under Alaric's rule, stating his fears for their safety.

March Y9

Scilla Lagoon OPEN CLAIM FOR SL — Theclaim for Scilla sees Alizabeth back in power, leaving the future relationship between the lagoon and the mire less than favorable. A war breaks out amidst the challenge, with nobody entirely certain who started it. Alaric steers clear, this time, finding the numerous challenges tedious...

February Y9

Ecrosia Mire What remains — Luther, the High Sovereign's eldest son, seeks an audience with his father and makes his case for becoming Heir to Ecrosia. Convinced that his son is ready to take up the mantle, Alaric agrees.

January Y9

Ecrosia Mire Lorien Plains Celebration of new life — Alaric and Sláine journey to Lorien Plains to wish High Sovereign Ghyslaine congratulations on the birth of her cubs. But the situation soon becomes tense as Nero, the father of the cubs and Alaric's longstanding enemy arrives on the scene.

Ecrosia Mire Caladan Cove the water tastes like gunfire — Gauthier, the new High Sovereign of Caladan comes to pay Alaric a visit and the pair discuss a potential alliance.

Ecrosia Mire History Year 8

December Y8

Ecrosia Mire Scilla Lagoon Wolfbron Bluffs Vermeda Brook Claim for Scilla Lagoon — Not long after Tiamat's challenge, King Alizabeth goes missing and the lagoon finds itself in the midst of a claim challenge between Wolfbron's Prometheus and the rogue lion Recluse. But as the crowd gathers to watch, old rivalries spark and this sets in motion a war between Wolfbron and their allies and Vermeda brook and theirs. Ecrosia member Tiamat faces a major maim challenge from the husband of the injured King Alizabeth.

Ecrosia Mire Run Rabbit — Sovereign Sláine and Princess Caillen organise a fun game of chasing rabbits for the pride's cubs. However, much like their parents, the Ecrosian cubs prove to be quite a handful!

November Y8

Ecrosia Mire Caladan Cove Claim for Caladan Cove — Nature has reared it's head once more, ravaging the pride lands of Alaric's closest ally. Sahir and has family have all but disappeared, concerning the King as he watches the fight for the pride unfold.

Ecrosia Mire Andal Oasis Paint the open sky in smoke and ash — Amidst the chaos ravaging Amaryllis Ryker calls for the crown of Andal once again. This time the young male is successful and Alaric is left with the hope that he might yet find an ally in the Oasis.

October Y8

Ecrosia Mire Scilla Lagoon Tsunami Warning — Tiamat challenged for Scilla, something she had intended to do since she first joined the Mire, but has been unsuccessful in that endeavor. Alizabeth is obviously livid, and seeks to take the Mire Gentry as prisoner until questions can be answered. What will this mean for the future relationship between the two neighboring prides?

Ecrosia Mire Like a bird without a song — Another blow is dealt to our King, finding his beloved Aidoneus deceased and leaving him alone, again, with young mouths to feed. Alaric brings his four back to the Mire, broken-hearted and considering the fact that he may well be cursed.

September Y8

Ecrosia Mire Baptised — In the wake of Arsynia's death Alaric names Slaine his new Sovereign, trusting his closest friend to guide the Mire forward at his side.

Ecrosia Mire Illyria Summit I believe in love and switchblades — Morrigan brings home the body of Arysnia, Alaric's newest mate and Sovereign. The Tollaire woman met her untimely end courtesy of Mother Nature's crueltly, leaving the Mire King once more weighed down with grief and loss.

August Y8

Ecrosia Mire Summer tourney — Slaine returns with a bang, hosting a tournament for the residents of the Mire. Who will prove themselves as the fiercest competition when the noble woman pairs them up? Alaric is also keen to watch his children spar, to see just how much they've learned.

July Y8

Ecrosia Mire Caladan Cove Co-ed — Caladan's king and queen bring their children to visit, introducing them to the Ecrosian royalty. With a betrothal arranged between Luther and Mazel this is likely to be the first of many visits to come and hopefully the solidification of a long and prosperous alliance.

June Y8

Ecrosia Mire Firnen Rainforest Lorien Plains Firnen rainforest claiming thread — In the blink of an eye things have changed again, with Firnen being fought for only weeks after Violarum had claimed it. The young King takes a new prides on the plains, and a known enemy moves in next door...

May Y8

Ecrosia Mire Firnen Rainforestshadow bright and burning — The young sovereign, Violarum, is successful in taking his own pride. What will this mean for the future of Ecrosia and Firnen? After leading together will the two men become allies?

Wolfbron Bluffs Andal Oasis Ecrosia Mireit's just bones — Amaryllis is in upheaval again as a Miroslav seeks to take the throne from the Dieudonne. Wolfbron and Ecrosia have been on good terms, so Alaric watches closely to see if an enemy will soon lead yet another pride.

Ecrosia Mire Obsidian Hollow Vermeda Brook until lambs become lions — One of Ecrosia's own challenges for the Hollow, a move that Alaric is less than pleased to witness due to his truce with Roan. The Mire King's presence ruffles more than a few feathers as he tries to avoid another all out war.

April Y8

Ecrosia Mire if you can’t hear it — Nature wrecks havoc on all of amaryllis, bringing a bloom of toxic algae to the Mire as well as fires throughout the neighbouring jungle. Ecrosians band together (with some additional outside help) to create fire breaks and smother the flames.

March Y8

Ecrosia Mire Andal Oasis entertaining fire & blurry lines go on forever — A theft challenge stokes the fire between Ecrosia and Andal, while Violarum takes advantage of the distraction to bring Brynja home from where she was kept prisoner in the Oasis. Simultaneously he seeks to help Olive escape, who was claimed against her will.

February Y8

Ecrosia Mire time to do some sketchy shit — An apparent new recruit has a significant population of Ecrosia on edge in the wake of the devastating war -- will Arcania be able to talk her way out of trouble?

January Y8

Ecrosia Mire Movin' on up — In the wake of the war Ronin has stepped down as Sovereign, and Alaric appoints Violarum in his place. How will the ambitious young male take to being second in command? Will this temper his need for his own pride for a time?

Ecrosia Mire I can't turn back now, you've brought me too far — Despite Elijah's best efforts Erna was not able to be pulled from death's icy hands. Alaric's anger towards the Sigrun is bound to increase tenfold in the wake of his wife's death.

Ecrosia Mire History Year 7

December Y7

Ecrosia Mire Andal Oasis Wolfbron Bluffs Vermeda Brook Obsidian Hollow Caladan Cove Scilla Lagoon Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned — With a challenge for the Mire from Cassandra, Saga Sigrun has brought war along with it. The Ecrosian's jump in to defend their home and fight the tresspassers, and chaos erupts within the swamp. Meanwhile Erna has initiated a fight to the death with the Sigrun Jarl.

November Y7

Ecrosia Mire Firnen Rainforest Claim for Firnen Rainforest — Acid rain has chased the lions from Firnen, and a new challenge springs up on the Mire's doorstep. Ecrosia watches closely, hoping that they do not find an enemy in place of an ally.

October Y7

Ecrosia Mire Scilla Lagoon Caladan Cove STRIKE THE MATCH & RALLYING CRY — Both Scilla Lagoon and Caladan Cove have changed paws -- uprooting the Sigrun and changing the tides of Amaryllis. Alaric meets with the new leaders of both prides, hoping to force alliances and solidify his place in the east.

September Y7

Ecrosia Mire HIT ME ON MY BONES — After a month of challenges and recruiting the Mire has grown exponentially. Erna challenges for the position of Sovereign and loses to Ronin, and the royal cubs have grown enough to leave the comfort of their den, making the High Sovereign all that more protective (and grumpy!). As the month draws to an end Alaric calls them together again to discuss the future of Ecrosia.

August Y7

Ecrosia Mire TAKING IT ALL FOR US — After successfully taking the throne Alaric is named king of the mire. Not long after some of the prior members uprise against him, led by Keir, but the allies that the new king have gathered stand beside him to successfully hold on to the pride. What will come next for the Mire?

July Y7

Ecrosia Mire Andal Oasis THE BITTER TASTE OF THE BLOOD ON MY LIPS — One of the lions that Maia Tolkien fought not so long ago seems to have come for Ecrosia's crown -- what will this entail for the pride should it be won or lost? Will the pride members rally together and usurp a potential new ruler? Or will they find promise and respect for a King that has defend his throne?

June Y7

Ecrosia Mire Vermeda Brook 0 DAYS SINCE LAST INCIDENT — Entirely unbeknownst to Jafar, the Mire's ally Vermeda Brook has been called to re-address their crown and leadership. A lioness from Firnen Rainforest has gone to challenge Aquila for the pride - unknown as to whether or not this is an ally of the last challenger, what will this mean for Ecrosia?

May Y7

Ecrosia Mire THE INDOMITABLE & THE FIERCE — After finally re-emerging into the light, Jafar and Maia are welcome their very first litter into Ecrosia! Three boys and a single girl, and the first litter of Casales to ever be born on site! It is a momentous occasion for the pair and Jafar expects everyone to treat them with UTMOST RESPECT.

April Y7

Ecrosia Mire Rogue DOING AS INSTRUCTED — After being given his crown back, Jewel suggested he take a trip into the Jungle to talk to the Lightstone Band's Guardian, Gawain, about keeping their pact. Jafar, however, meets with him to discuss its continuation but is leaning on calling it more of an alliance than a pact. Their terms easy as the two wish to continue their friendly neighboring without issue.

Ecrosia Mire Rogue Obsidian Hollow TRANQUIL AS A FOREST — Maia finds her long-lost brother Njal at the entrance to Maua's Passage. After accepting that she would never see any of her direct family again, she is furious about his return. Whether or not Ecrosia will gain a new member, though, is yet to be seen.

March Y7

Ecrosia Mire Andal Oasis POMEGRANATE SEEDS — On her patrol of Maua's Passage, Maia comes across a rogue called Meliae and an Oasis lion called Alaric. When she offers the rogue a home, Alaric sets claim on her. Naturally, Maia leaps into battle to defend the lioness and give her back her freedom.

Ecrosia Mire LIGHTS ARE ON — Just shy of the crown returning to Jafar, it seems that Jewel's son (Keir) has arrived to officially take his placer as Ecrosia's first Heir! Training with the watchful eye of fellow leaders and his mother, of course, to lend a hand into his bright future!

February Y7

Ecrosia Mire LUNCH TIME AT THE INN: — Maia calls the pride together for a pride hunt. Third time is the charm for a tier upgrade?

January Y7

Ecrosia Mire Caladan Cove TURNED TABLES — Jewel and Maia visit Caladan Cove to seek an alliance.

Ecrosia Mire Obsidian Hollow FAMILY WANT FOR NOTHING — Maia makes the trip to Obsidian Hollow in a bid to seek out a potential alliance, only to find that it is her cousin Roan which rules there.

Ecrosia Mire A QUEST FULFILLED — Sylroris has chosen to join Ecrosia - leaving the mire with one more set of paws.

Ecrosia Mire History Year 6

December Y6

Ecrosia Mire ♔ a king's ultimate failure — Jafar is seriously injured on a hunt with Maia. Like the knight in shining armour that he is, the Casales saves Maia from injury and in turn sacrifices himself. He steps down as High Sovereign to recover, with Jewel stepping in to safeguard the pride until he heals.

Obsidian Hollow Vermeda Brook Caladan Cove Ecrosia Mire Wolfbron Bluffs Firnen Rainforest Andal Oasis Scilla Lagoon What do now? — Obsidian Hollow disbands, leaving Amaryllis and the Mire curious as to who the next High Sovereign will be.

November Y6

Vermeda Brook Ecrosia Mire Obsidian Hollow Caladan Cove Wolfbron Bluffs Firnen Rainforest Scilla Lagoon Andal Oasis thief in the night — A rogue by the name of Viridian has challenged long-standing ruler Nymeria Valour for her crown and Vermeda Brook. This causes outrage, with Hanneth jumping into a minor maim. What will this mean for the Mire? Stay tuned to find out!

Ecrosia Mire stupidity is also a gift of god — All hope is not lost! Jafar looks to be fixing his lonely situation and has found the adopted child of the woman he got the pride for as well as was able to call her to him! Jafar wastes no time in offering her the role of his Queen/Sovereign, but it does certainly look like there is more to it than that, doesn't it?

October Y6

Ecrosia Mire Scilla Lagoon pride claim of ecrosia mire — After the previous disbandment by flood of Ecrosia Mire where it took it's last leader, Jafar rose up against an Scilla Lagoon Lioness (Saga) in an attempt to impress his future wife give back to those that lost it. A home for those that had been their prior as well as those that might want a change of pace.

July Y6

Wolfbron Bluffs Obsidian Hollow Scilla Lagoon Caladan Cove Andal Oasis Ecrosia Mire la mitrailleuse fait de l'ordre — Maybe it's divine intervention, but a fresh challenge against Wolfbron Bluffs sounds too perfect after the raid. Still, the challenger is Vermier Dieudonné, so which is the lesser of two evils?

Ecrosia Mire This Next Adventure — After winning his death match against Sangria, Aquila had been taken to the Mire to heal. Though still not fully healed from it all, the Valour decides he is most needed in Ecrosia and seeks to help protect the Hodari family by joining the Mire officially.

June Y6

Ecrosia Mire Firnen Rainforest Vermeda Brook Wolfbron Bluffs Andal Oasis Scilla Lagoon Caladan Cove Obsidian Hollow Time to do some Sketchy Shit — It started off with just Aquilla of Andal Oasis stepping into Firnen territory to confront Sangria. After she issued a death match against him, Sangria loses her life to the native while her lackey, Ismae, kills Valhalla. Meanwhile, tensions rise between WB and EM, starting with Zoticus attacking Kiton. Before you know it, numerous fights break out between EM and WB lions. Its a big, big mess... Introducing the first war of Amaryllis.

May Y6

Ecrosia Mire Firnen Rainforest Obsidian Hollow Surprise is the greatest gift which life can grant us — Heiress Maia comes across a rogue cub who appears to be abandoned in the Pit. She stakes her claim to the child, only to be contested by Ismae, a member of the Rainforest. What will this mean for the two prides - will the outcome foresee the outbreak of war?

April Y6

Ecrosia Mire Andal Oasis this isn't home — Whilst patrolling Maua's Passage, Maia comes across a young cub and Aquila, the Oasis High Sovereign. It appears the young cub is without their parents, and Maia sets out to bring them home to the Mire.

March Y6

these violent delights — A strange lioness called to challenge for ownership of the mire. Many lions were gathered before Kiton could arrive to defend his home, giving her only one warning before their brawl began.

February Y6

sweethearts never last down here — Silver Warcall gave birth to the pride's first royal litter of cubs, maintaining her good health throughout it all. As the king lost his own mother when she gave birth to him, it is safe to say that Kiton is quite relieved at the good fortune of their family.

January Y6

Ecrosia Mire Firnen Rainforest does this make me brutus? — The king's brother calls him for a chat, though he does not make the subject immediately clear. He finally spills that he has been asked to take over the rainforest pride as its leader and admits that he has accepted the position, despite previously agreeing to join Kiton in the mire, and both of the brothers wonder how it will affect their recently-resumed relationship.

Ecrosia Mire History Year 5

December Y5

a place I can go — Kiton calls together the lions of his pride as well as any who might be wanting to join officially to make introductions, and so that he can communicate the rules and ranks to everyone. Silver happens to be the first to arrive, an awkward twist of fate considering the pair had a recent tryst which left so much yet to be settled.

November Y5

Obsidian Hollow ballad of Mr jones, Vermeda Brook TO THE BEAT OF THE DRUM — Kiton has been approached by a couple of prides to try and get to know one another and potentially establish an official relationship as prides, both Magnus of Obsidian Hollow and Nymeria of Vermeda Brook, who brings one of Kiton's friends along in the form of her heiress.

October Y5

like peas and carrots — Kiton's brother, Roan, showed up at the pride borders following the challenge as he promised he would. The two brothers had an emotional reunion as they tried to catch up on the important things, agreeing that he should join the pride with the remainder of their family.

September Y5

? there's wolves in the house — Kiton Hodari, a stranger to the pride, arrived at the borders and issued a challenge for the pride, unaware that this was the first pride challenge to ever be made in the land. As such, it drew a large crowd of lions wishing to see the results of the encounter. Viné arrived to defend his throne but quickly fell due to a broken leg, citing a curse as the reason he lost and warning Kiton that he had inherited doomed territory. Having assumed his family dead for years, he was shocked when his own brother emerged from the crowd to congratulate him.

August Y5

Scilla Lagoon As Promised, What Hurts the Most — Viné has not forgotten the loss of a potential member by the hands of two intruding females. One remains untouchable while the other was an unknown. Until now. Through shear luck Vin&233; has run into Aarani whom had become pride-less. It might not be the original female he had wanted, but it is a female none the less. Meanwhile, Vine makes good on his promise to visit the Lagoon pride and his looming meeting with Pistis. Surprise, Surprise, she is no longer the sovereign of the land and the title has gone to Viné's cousin Gywn. This is both good and ... questionable news.

July Y5

Silence Broken, Once upon a Dream — Viné makes several forays to the border border in hopes to grow his pride and is met with both rescues and failure. Beryl is a strangely enthusiastic new member to the Mire and the first to be claimed officially to the pride. Though, he has not forgotten the one that got away and the two woman that facilitated her escape.

June Y5

Andal Oasis Black Sun, Wolfbron Bluffs Blind Assessment Vermeda Brook Every Eventuality — Vine has met with the other leaders of the valley that had not come to him in the mire. Their reactions to Casimir law is as always, met with mixed results. Hopefully Viné made more allies then enemies this time around.

May Y5

Firnen Rainforest Risen Crown Caladan Cove Mud Bath Scilla Lagoon Pain Behind Blue eyes — Leaders from neighboring prides have come to the mire to gauge for themselves what Casimir Law might mean. Viné does not care much what they think, beyond wishing they'd come all at once rather then one at a time, his throat is dry.

April Y5

Ecrosia Mire Quasar — Viné has finally stumbled into an area that caught his eye and decided to claim it in his name. He is quickly set upon by a male by the name of Skarde who challenged him for the right to lead. Viné is victorious, but the battle is bloody. How long will this reign last?

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