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November 22nd, 2023 Two death matches, one resurrection, and an almost-war later, the lands find themselves in a constant state of turmoil and calamity. Families have been torn apart and endless blood has been spilt; but how is it all going to end?

November 3rd, 2023 The lands stir violently as a death match rages on between Aeistrios Saxe and Morrigan Greyflood. Observers spill into the pit in droves to witness what will no doubt be a historic battle -- and it is clear that this familial fued is far from over, no matter who wins and who dies.

October 12th, 2023 With winter comes the surge of more pride challenges; Ludivine challenges Ryker for Firnen Rainforest and is victorious in her endeavors, meanwhile an outcropping of maims breaks out on the sidelines. In a shocking turn of events Luther returns to challenge Bruno for Ecrosia Mire, will the former heir prove victorious or has Bruno got what it takes to keep his brother's ambitions at bay? This has undoubtedly shaken things up as Bruno declares war against Andal Oasis and Allies in the process!

September 26th, 2023 A series of pride challenges spark up across the peninsula, while warring families face-off as tensions reach their boiling points. Anthonius Savante barely manages to escape the clutches of Apollinaire Dieudonne with his life, while death looms over the broken truce between the Valour-Greyflood and Saxe families.

September 4th, 2023 After Tinúviel collapsed at the Wolfbron Bluff's challenge, she was unable to make it back to the Lagoon to take up her leadership position again and the pride disbands. Diomedeidae & Cirilla fight for the pride.

August 28th, 2023 Both Amara and Morrigan keep their prides. Lachesis doesn't show to defend the Brook and Renfri takes over. The Wolfbron Bluffs challenge seems to be setting off fireworks already.

August 15th, 2023 The two longest standing female leaders are both fighting for their prides once again. Anthonius challenges Amara for the Bluffs. Amaroq challenges Morrigan for the Summit. A new leader faces his first challenge as Renfri challenges Lachesis for the Brook. Did anyone think that peace was something the island was able to have?

August 1st, 2023 Conflict, drama, love, and loss - the lands are never free from any of it for more than a fleeting moment. As the summer months wane on and the season nears its end, there is no telling what is coming next upon the horizon.

June 19th, 2023 With the rains leaving and spring upon the island, things are heating up among the lions. Bruno seeks to unseat his father in the Mire. Helah looks to dethrone Scorpius in the Oasis and keep the fire between the Bluffs and the Oasis alive. The Plains have raided the Brook and allies on both sides showed up to help.

May 23rd, 2023 All is fair in love and war - moments of chaos and peace lull in a cyclical nature across the lands of Amaryllis, though most are wise enough to know that the quiet never lasts quite long enough.

April 20th, 2023 Alexander manages to win the Hollows and Tiamat keeps the Lagoon. Vághan challenges Amara for the Bluffs but Amara is able to hold off another challenger and keeps the Bluffs. The Cove was hit by a storm that washed away it's leader leaving the lands open to be claimed by Nephthys and Keligan who both are attached to the land. Cirilla attempts to take the Oasis from Scorpius who seems driven to keep the land.

April 5th, 2023 It doesn't take long for the dust to kick up as the Hollows is challenged for by Alexander once again and the Lagoon is challenged for by Fernweh.

March 31st, 2023 As wars and challenges continue to break out across the lands, Amaryllis is certainly keeping up with its turbulent reputation. One can only hope that the dust will settle soon enough - for everyone's sake.

March 10th, 2023 The turbulance of the prides never ceases for very long, as a violent landslide forces the members of Firnen Rainforest to evacuate and disband. Who will step up for the throne this time around?

March 1st, 2023 While Gauthier manages to retain control of Caladan Cove, Lorien Plains' fate is not so simple. With Aeistrios overthrowing Violarum and taking the pride's throne, how will things unravel from here?

February 20th, 2023 Even though the last batch of pride challenges did not succeed in shifting most of the political tides in Amaryllis, it did not deter ambitious souls from seeking out thrones of their own. The fates of both Lorien Plains and Caladan Cove now hang in the balance, stirring further unrest as a result.

January 25th, 2023 It seems that the island wasn't ready for new leaders to take over right away as Vermier keeps ahold of the Hollows and Cassandra keeps the Brook in the family. The steadiness doesn't last long as a blistering sand storm rolls through the Oasis, leaving it empty until Ronin and Scorpius take up battle to see who will claim the lands.

January 16th, 2023 After battling for their prides, all current leaders remain with their crowns. Amara successfully wins a challenge for the Bluffs for the third time. Morrigan wins her first battle after a year of leading the Summit, the relations between the Mire and Summit seem to have splintered as war breaks out. Ryker battles a familiar face in Leander for the Oasis and manages to keep his crown and denies a family the ability to get back to it. Alexander battles Vermier for the Hollows, a move that causes Ryker to drop his attachements to Alexander's family.

January 9th, 2023 After peace seemed to settle over the island the warm air and lifting of the rains brings out the challenges for prides. The Lagoon gains new leaders. The Oasis leader, Ryker fights to keep his pride from Leander. Amara, the oldest leader in the island once again fights to keep the Bluffs, this time against Arkyn. While Cassandra fights against Aeistrios to keep the Brook in the paws of family and friends.

December 19th, 2022 In a bold move, Amara of Wolfbron Bluffs has taken King Alizabeth prisoner after she was attacked by some mammoths. This has left Scilla Lagoon empty of it's leader once again.

December 16th, 2022 Spring works it's way to the island and with the coming of warmer weather it seems that the island has calmed and for the moment allowed things to settle.

November 29th, 2022 The winter season has proven to be brutal and unforgiving as the weather pushes the lions of Scilla Lagoon from their home, once again leaving the pride vulnerable for claiming. This time, Ronin is looking for the opportunity to rule, though he is quickly countered by Alizabeth, who is hoping to reclaim what was once her's.

November 11th, 2022 After Alizabeth left the Lagoon to find her cub and ended up falling ill, the pride has found itself at the center of another challenge and war. Prometheus and Recluse fought to see who would lead Scilla Lagoon, with Recluse reigning victorious, while the lions of Wolfbron Bluffs extend their reach with Vermier as the new High Sovereign of Obsidian Hollows. With so many changes to the leaders of Amaryllis, what is ahead for the island?

November 8th, 2022 "When will this end?" you may ask yourself as you are thrust in between worlds once more. This time, however, you are not simply floating in the nothingness or above the land you call home. No. It is snippets of visions that pay now before you as if you're there. As if it isn't just a memory of a time long gone. Their piercing eyes gaze at you. You are taken aback out of fear or maybe awe. Somehow you know deep within your heart the identity of this loner: Kivuli. When you awake, the memory of the fury in their gaze remains burned within your mind.

October 22nd, 2022 An earthquake has resulted in parts of Obsidian Hollow to fall in, trapping Roan in the process as he sought to evacuate the others. In the aftermath, Vermier and Revna waste no time moving in to make their claim for the newly vacant territory.

October 17th, 2022 It is happening again - you are thrust into this in-between of worlds, the tendrils of mist swirling before you like hungry serpents. You can almost feel them tickle your sides and wrap around your ankles -- "I am Kivuli," the strange chorus of voices responds firmly, their fury brimming at the tip of their words. It is powerful and intense, like a titanous wave about to crash and leave everything in ruin. "... and I will take back what is mine." What is coming for the island? Will there be enough support to keep Maua as the stronger deity or will Kivuli take over?

October 8th, 2022 A rumble is felt on the eastern side of the island, prompting violent waves to crash into the lands of Caladan Cove and driving out the lions that once lived there. Days pass before the ocean calms and settles once again, but the lions that were once there are now gone, and the pridelands are open for a new ruler.

October 7th, 2022 Alizabeth remains the leader of Scilla Lagoon whilst Seneca loses his battle to Ryker for Andal Oasis. Will the outcome of these battles shape how the island works together in the coming days? With new leaders also taking over Lorien Plains (Ghyslaine) and Vermeda Brook (Cassandra), things could be on edge once again.

October 1st, 2022 Something takes hold of those living on the island - - shared vision or dream that seems to shake the core of what they have come to know. Accompanied with a strange voice within their minds, those who came to Amaryllis long ago, guided by Maua's voice, will feel a pagne of familiarity. Only this time, the voice is different and chilling. What is coming?

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Stitch me Shut
Fight Day
  Quote     |   #1
There came a point Thisbe was certain she wasn't going anywhere. Not unless she had to. Then there came fear over such commitment, and she waffled on it back and forth. Even going so far as one night to consider leaving entirely, the idea of such dedication again overwhelmed her and she wanted to flee. But she hadn't. She did not that night and for many nights since. And gradually while the fear did not fade her resolution grew stronger. She would stay, she wanted to stay. And the more reason she had to hold herself to this promise the easier it would be to keep right?

Sp she called out her intentions and she stood in the sand, ready and waiting. An array of basic wound care herbs and ointments set out across a nearby piece of driftwood for the after.

Thisbe v ?
for Lead Medic
post Zero

( I'm down to either do a regular fight for the rank or an idea I had, dominance fight and then have them "heal" each other and see who does that better? :3 )

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Cirilla had been quietly impressed with @Thisbe and her determination to heal and keep the pride’s stock levels of medicinal relief high. The High Sovereign would not forget the eagerness that the red lioness demonstrated when she gave birth to her children, and this was enough for Cirilla to want the woman to stay.

Rank challenges had been few and far between in recent weeks. She suspected it was because the pride was still quite small, but that did not matter. It was a temporary problem that the lioness was attempting to fix. When the call echoed throughout the Lagoon, Cirilla finds herself being carried towards the lionesses claim. The woman was disappointed, however, when she arrives to see that she was the first. Despondency fills her stomach.

Thisbe — I am sorry that no one came to answer your challenge or to witness your ambition. The woman apologises with an idle flick of her only full ear. Thank you for showing your eagerness — I know from experience that you are a skilled medic. The rank is yours, Cirilla confirms, raising a law and pointing it in the other lionesses general direction. Would you like to exercise your claws and fight me? Perhaps we got have a go at healing each other after. You can show me how terrible I am at it, She muses with a smile, spreading her legs and pushing her claws into the sand beneath as she steadies herself for a bout of exercise.

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It's only natural that the call should lure the stormy princess out from the tropical undergrowth she'd been exploring, shaping her posture to try to match @Cirilla ♔'s strong stride as she trailed after the passing form of her mother, head held high even if her mottled legs weren't quite long enough yet to mirror the Queen's pace as gracefully. You're...really bright. I like it! Jóhanna's mismatched eyes peer up inquisitively at the vivid reds of the woman they find, strongly tempted to ask if it the lioness was part-crab. Alas, her mother is speaking now, which means Jó must fall silent for the moment.

Still, her ears remained tall and perked to listen to their words, all while dauntlessly stepping past Cirilla's legs to nose curiously at the scattering of medicinal supplies scattered a little way from @Thisbe's feet - instinctively drawn to the one part of the landscape she probably shouldn't be messing with, as all children were.

The Queen says the woman shall be their Medic? What's that mean? She perks right back up with a curious tilt of her head, a spark of excitement gleaming in her eyes when the mention of fighting is brought up. She leans forward from her place on the sidelines, bouncing on her heels with a shining, mischievous smile, beyond eager to watch her mother win. (Apologies to the pretty red lioness, but Jóhanna could only cheer for one lioness. Oh, I want to see!

At least she'd probably be distracted enough to keep away from eating any of the medic's herbs.
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@Thisbe vs No One FOR SL Lead Medic

Due to no one answering, this fight has defaulted.


Please allow the challengers to respond to the fight results first. As per the site rules, if 3 days go by without a post from the challenger(s), they can be skipped. Whichever comes first! Any posts made before this will be removed.
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(This post was last modified: 11-29-2023, 11:54 AM by Thisbe. Edited 1 time in total.)
She does not truly seem to mind no one stepped up to the challenge. Easier on her in the end, she needs not an audience and she needs not prove herself to one. As long as the Queen was in agreement with it and Thisbe had the rights of the rank, so be it. But she can't help the opportunity to poke a little fun when the chance came about... Exercise my what? Thisbe says with a knowing, amused, chuckle while she lifts a paw off the ground enough that when she flexed her paw and curled her toes you should see claws. But there was nothing, just the extension of muscles and flexing of toes down into her paw. She gives a singular, good natured, chuckle and sets her paw back down upon the ground.

I was going to say I don't see a need to exercise my claws but I do think we'll disappoint the little one now if there isn't something of a show? She says as she glances to @Jóhanna. If you ask your Aunt Uma, Medics feed you rabbit food. But it makes it feel better.

fine with my found family
I wish you well, but I don't need your fortune in my life
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RED PVP: please ask before initiating fights

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